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    beko wma 1614w washing machine makes clicking noises

    in general beko stuff is not the greatest for performance as usually indicated in the price of same ,but as a first i would check if there was air getting into the water iintake pipe.
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    Radiators warm when heating off - valve stuck maybe?

    has the system always done this or have you just lately noticed it to do this .or have you definately found this has happened lately..the reason i ask is because if you only lately noticed this happening it might have been happening all along due to the return pipe fron the hot water and the...
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    gas boiler type advise

    Hi im new so Hi . I have a general question for the gas boiler boffins .Im thinking of changing my 55 micron wall hung cause it blew two pcbs within two years ..enough said and yes both times with new stats ..please dont quote cargi rules as they dont apply here in Ireland .. anyway i would like...