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    Why is my render so grainy?

    Hi all, New house owner here which also means complete DIY novice! Obviously with the new coronavirus lockdown it means there’s some time to do DIY. Above our bay windows is a border which needs filling in due to neglect and some (fixed) water leak. I bought some one coat render from B&Q...
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    How to cover this concrete slab?

    I think this is the window lintel for the cavity wall. I could be wrong. However, I’m having a brain-block on how to cover it. Any recommendations on what to cover it with and how to secure it? Many thanks
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    Boiler Coming On Unprompted

    Hi all, Boiler: Worcester Greenstar 28i Junior Been having some issues with the boiler coming on unprompted. It has no thermostat hooked up so I know it’s not that. It works off a timer which it seems to just ignore. I unhooked and disconnected the timer front panel and it still came on...
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    Best way to fill this?

    Open to people’s ideas here!
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    Damp Down Wall Join

    My wife and I are in the process of stripping wall paper and we've come across a wall join that is wet. I've searched but can't find anything that is similar. Where two walls join in the ground floor living room, down the crease/seam is dirty and wet. Outside of this area is dry, it is purely...