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    Kahrs oiled engineered floor damage repair

    Dear All, We have downstairs (hallway, sitting and dinning room) installed 10y ago oiled Karhs engineering flooring (15mm with dark stained oak finish). We very carefully looked after it and maintained it regularly (oiled). It was our pride and joy. Recently we have redone our kitchen and the...
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    Uneven chipboard floor + engineered floring

    Hi, After lifting the carpet in one of my rooms and whilst the skirting still up I have noticed that I have two dips in the chipboard sub-floor. See picture attached. The engineered wooden floor can take 3mm variations but this is much more (10mm+ at the lowest level) Is there is any way to...
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    Tools for wooden flooring

    Hi, Just laid some engineered wooden flooring from Kahrs in our study. Results are stunning. It took a long time to plan it. Won't change that. It took a long time to shift the planks between the room and downstairs, cut them with a jigsaw, take then back and so on. The planks are 2.4m. Plan...