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    Type of Heating System...confused

    Hey Guys - I will be honest, I am a novice at any of this stuff and therefore will probably serve as more of an educational piece for me! I am wondering what type of heating system I have in my home, from what I have read and understood I have a sealed system with an open vented cylinder. From...
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    Hot water tank noise when being filled.

    Hey guys, Complete novice here but our hot water tank makes the following noise when turned on via the timer.....any ideas what it is, what needs to be done to remedy? It can be quite loud and happens on and off. Thank you in advance Ben
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    Waste Pipe under Kitchen Cupboards

    Hi Guys - recently moved to our new home and checked under the kitchen cupboards having noticed a draft coming from that area and also needed to carry out other works. I noticed the waste pipe heading down into the ground through a square like hole which I gather is purpose built and 'standard'...
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    Any idea whats this hole is all about (lounge floor)??!!

    Hey Guys - recently moved house and discovered a circular hole on my lounge floor? No idea what it is but it leads to plastic tubing which at this point have no idea where it goes or what the purpose is! I have attached photos for your comments/views. Could this be where a radiator once...
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    Crack in French Door...

    Hi Guys, I noticed yesterday that there is a crack in my french door, it looks like it happened when the door has swung open and caught the window sill (see attached pictures). Any idea how best to treat this or any idea on the repair costs, if indeed it can be repaired? Additionally it would...