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    Building regs for Moving internal door from one solid wall to another

    Hi, Our kitchen being in the front of the house, has its door facing the entrance hallway. Whilst deciding to upgrade the kitchen, we thought of moving the door to the adjacent wall which will then link it to the living room. I have had several builders come and all said it's easy to move by...
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    What is this sub-floor and how to even it up?

    Hi folks, Am planning to tile my cloak room floor, so ripped out my old capret (yes, it had carpet there!) and the underlay. There's a subfloor made of wood, which seems to be glued to the concrete floor underneath. I don't want to pry it out, very messy. So, how to I even the floor - can't lay...
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    Strange hooks behind skirting boards

    Hi, In this lockdown I decided to replace the carpet near the downstairs cloark room with a laminate floor. For that, I thought it'll be easy to get rid of the old skirting boards and put in new ones, I like them better them putting trims. However, taking out one of the skirting boards, it took...
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    Karndean over old Parquet flooring

    Hi, Want to get some advice here. I have a room with old Parquet flooring, polishing etc won't help much and it's also very old design. I was thinking of getting Karndean put on top of it. But someone told me its not a good idea as we should not put one floor over another, as both got to...
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    Fixing a stuck shower tap diverter

    Hi guys, The diverter in the hand shower in my bathroom is stuck and refuses to budge. Wanted to get inputs on how to fix, or better replace it without replacing the whole tap and shower unit. Attached is a pic of it. Thanks
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    How to remove press-on mount cabinet hinges

    Hi, Am trying to replace my cabinet hinges as they are very old. However the mounting cups of those don't have any screws, but are press on plastic cups. I have no clue how to take them out, I tried everything but they seem stuck. Is there a way to take them out easily? Attaching image of...