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    Compatible room stat for vaillant 828E turbomax

    Does anyone know which digital room stat is compaitible with the vaillant 828E turbomax?? At the moment I have a very old mechanical 'Switchmaster' room stat which has seen better days and want shot of it now, I have a cable with a live, neutral and earth, which cable am I going to have to...
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    Vaillant 828E turbomax DHW probs

    Hey, Vaillant 828E Turbomax plus, 7 yrs old, pressures ok (1.5bar at cold) i've looked in past posts and can't seem to find the answer. My boiler runs ok when CH is called for at the room stat but when any taps are turned on the green flow light does not flash and neither does the boiler...
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    Joining plastic waste to cast iron stack help

    Hi guys I need advice on how to join a 40mm 1.5" plastic waste pipe to a cast iron stack, the stack runs through the bathroom and I will need to replace the exsisting waste from the bath which is copper as you can see from the pic, would you think its better off to run the new plastic waste...
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    Shower pump - 'Techflow' brand runs itself !!!

    Hey there, ive a Techflow branded twin impellor shower pump running the bathroom, gravity fed system, the pump has been replaced about a week ago and the problem is the pump just runs for about 3 secs and stops for 10 secs then back on etc... when there are no taps running anywhere, its...
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    Worcester 35 cdi boiler fault

    Hi all, I have a Worcester 35 cdi boiler fitted to the ground floor of my 2 level house, and when I run the hot water taps it runs hot on the this ground floor but when I open the hot taps on the next floor up thee is no hot water emerging, just cold, not even warm, this is baffling as the hot...
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    Indirect Heating problem with NO Hot Water to taps !

    Hey everyone, ive checked the FAQ's and cant really pin point my problems. I have 2 as below: 1) I have a small boiler heating up an indirect cylinder, with the usual cold water storage tank to the loft space also there is a F&E tank all full and in working order, now the problem is im getting...
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    Hot water in bathroom question

    Hey guys, I have a real annoying problem that I have a bathroom which provides full hot water to the basin and luke warm water tot the shower and bath hot tap?? this is baffeling as I cant understand why and how this can be possible, what do you think I should check and how may I overcome this...
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    Vaillant HE ( Condensing ) Pressure problem COMBI

    Hi Guys before you have a go ive checked the FAQ's and cant find the remedy :oops: I have a HE combi that has an anoying problem, the pressure keeps dropping itself and the baffling thing is that its not letting water outside?? there is also no evidence of a leak inside on any of the rads...
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    potterton combi boiler pressure

    Hi all, I have a problem and think here is the best place to get info... I have a potterton combi and recently it started playing up, when I run the heating from the boiler it runs ok at first with the pressure reading at 1.25 bar, then over around 30 mins the pressure increases and increases...
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    Digital TV Wall Plate

    Hi all, does anyone know where to get hold of an outlet wall plate for digital tv? the one I need has a built in booster. Im not sure but ive seen a combi wall plate labelled FM-DAB and TV, but I dont think these will have a booster, does anyone know what I need and where to source, ive tried...
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    Vaillant 828 diverter valve help

    Hi everyone, what would be the process of replacing a diverter valve for the Vaillant boiler? is it a major job and what would the steps be? Thanks for your help.
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    salamander shower pump

    Hi, I have a salamander new pearl 50 twin pump, 1.5 bar max, supplying water to the bath taps and shower valve. when using the bath taps the pump runs fine and continuous but now recently when using the shower, the water just runs ok at first for around 20 seconds then just slowly reduces to...
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    Alpha 240 P/E Combi fault !!

    Hi guys, hope you can help, I came home after a week to find my flat with a large wet patch under the bolier, I immediately opened the cove to check, I noticed dripping from the left side bottom, see pics, its a small plunger that activates a small black switch when the hot water is turned on...
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    Indesit Dryer fault

    Hi guys I have a Indesit ISL 70C dryer that has a fault. When switched on the fan at the back runs fine and the eat in the drum works too but the actual drum does not turn, after a while of switching it on there is a loud sqeeling sound which gets louder and louder, help would be great, thanks...
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    Shower pressure problem

    Hiya, I have a problem and thats why i'm here for advice. I have a gravity fed shower and it is fitted with the hose and shower rail to the wall. When the showerhead is on the rail to the wall it dribbles and non existant but when I remove the head of the rail and lower it to the ground...
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    Worcester cut out

    Hi I have a worcester boiler that just cuts out, looked on the cover of the boiler and it says its the 'overheat Thermostat' has triggered and to reset it you need to remove the boiler casing to reset the thermostat by pressing a red button on the front panel, When you have reset the boiler...
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    Worcester Combi overflowing

    Hi Guys, I have a Worcester combi boiler which has started a fault where water is constantly discharging from the external overflow and am baffled why it does this.. the boiler still works fine but not holding my breath as it seems it could break down any day, What could be the possible...
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    Worcester 9.24 Electronic Timer Clicking

    Hi all, I have a Worcester wall mounted boiler and it has an anoying fault, the timer control on the boiler makes a clicking sound continously and on the digital dial on the timer it doesn't show any numbers but shows a black area on which seems to me that the lcd screen has bled, where...
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    Best Flux to use

    Hi all, just wanted to ask you experts out there which would be the best flux to be used on soldering copper, got bits and bobs to do and dont't want to be messed around by inferior products, thanks guys
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    Megaflow problem !!!

    Hi guys ive got a nagging problem, I noticed that water was continually pouring outside the building out of the overflow and was continuous so what I did is turned off the hot flow to my taps from the gate valve on the megaflow tank and it stops but then when you open it again it pours...