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    Structural advice - approx costings

    The 25% rule is for additional glazing over the existing unless things have changed recently so the doors should be fine, you could always get a rated units to fit the frame if they cause a fuss. If they have been installed in the last couple of years I would hope that they would be a rated...
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    ATAG A325EC Vs Vaillant 837

    I have the atag and it has been fantastic. It replaced an old glow worm swiftflow 100 and it fills a bath atleast twice as quick :)
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    Cavity wall insulation help!

    Its a shame you dont have a stone house or one of 3 or more storey house, then you would qualify for foam insulation. It might be worth speaking to an insulation supplier who installs both mineral wool and polyurethane foam systems who would have more of an insight into the use of the two...
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    Cavity wall insulation help!

    What are your walls constructed from?
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    Using a 2-stroke saw in a cellar

    How old is the house in question? Also how damp is the cellar area?
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    Cavity Wall or External Wall Insulation

    Im not sure as to which of the CWI is technically the best as I have never had anything to do with it other than ordering for it to be installed. I know that most of the firms round my neck of the woods tend to use blown mineral fibre, that is possibly because it may be cheaper than other...
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    Cavity Wall or External Wall Insulation

    EWI is the most costly form of insulating about. Expect to pay between £65 and £100 m2 depending on the system used. Unfortunatley as you have a brick external skin you wouldnt be able to get a subsidised or even free install of EWI under the greendeal scheme or ECO :( . In your case it would...
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    Cavity Wall or External Wall Insulation

    What is the external skin of your house made of?
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    Tanking fairly dry rendered and artexed cellar

    It depends what you want to use the cellar for, personally I always go down the CDM tanking route when doing a cellar as there is less to worry about with the existing substrate. Its easy enough to install and it shouldnt fail if you take your time and do it properly. Bitumen is useless and will...
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    Which satalite meter?

    Im currently doing all the electrical alterations/extending cables etc on external insulation contracts for my friend. He has asked me to also do the removal of satalite dishes, set them up on the scaffolding and then re-attach them once the insulation and rendering has been done. So my question...
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    Brick Identifiction

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone could identify the bricks in these pics or suggest suitable brick matches. They are both dragfaced, thanks for any help. The house was built in the late 90's, :D Cheers, Nathan
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    Planning Headache

    Well I rang the planning officer today and he tried to say that that he had to follow the planning policy that has subsequently been introduced. After a little arm twisting and telling him that I could build something far worse and more overbearing under PD, we have come to a compromise...
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    Planning Headache

    Thanks very much for the help Woody. I think the 4m thing has just been introduced to tie in with permitted development. I have some copies of the old extension policy and dorma policies that it has been designed to replace. I guess I might just have a fight on my hands then. Just to add an...
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    Planning Headache

    This is where I have a problem, the planning officers want revised plans should I choose to submit them (which will be unsuitable for the client) by the 29th of May as they are due to make the decision by the 31st. Unfortunately I go abroad for a wedding on the 23rd and Im not back until the...
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    Planning Headache

    Hi all, I have a slight problem with a job I am doing for a client. Its an L shaped conservatory that projects 5 meters from the rear of a detached house and runs 5 meters along before returning 2.8 meters back to a single story kitchen. I submitted the drawings for planning permission and...
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    Routine repair and maintnance

    Can anyone guide me to the legislation or where in the building regulations documents I can find a reference to the fact that routine repairs and maintenance arent subject to building control approval? Cheers
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    Concealed cistern reconmendations

    Cheers, Ill have a gander. We had the rep out during the week and he couldnt explain why it was happening, he just replaced the components and took the others off to be examined. No doubt I will get a call in the next few weeks to it doing the same again :-(
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    Cost of waste soil removal

    Remember that the volume of soil will increase over what you have calculated you need to remove ;-)
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    Concealed cistern reconmendations

    Hi all can someone reconmend a concealed cistern system for me. On a Flat refurb we have done the architect specified easi plan gear but we have just had endless problems with the flush valve sticking when the the 6 litre flush is pressed. The whole mechanisms have been changed and the problem...
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    Building work carried out by council.

    That work is shocking, I dont think Ive ever seen as badly laid brickwork by someone claiming to be a professional. Its a shame when I know of loads of top notch site brickies that are stuck for work and you get stuck with these muppets! :cry: