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    Hi Kev, I have an old Kane 455 analyser that I may be thinking of getting...

    Hi Kev, I have an old Kane 455 analyser that I may be thinking of getting serviced/recalibrated. It must be circa 11-12 years old but still works fine for pressure, temp etc. It reads CO but not CO2. If I recall correctly it used to be the case that only Kane could replace the O2 cells on...
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    Which central heating filter to install?

    Personally I wouldn't touch a magnaclean with a barge pole, they may catch the most dirt but I have twice had the plastic threads shear off in my hands while cleaning them (luckily both times iso valves were closed). Fernox Omegas are now nickel plated brass so a cross between a spiro &...
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    Worcester 24CDi Boiler - Hot water comes on intermittently

    I'd be expecting an apprentice to be thinking diaphragm before even opening the thread. The op then goes on to describe the symptoms of a faulty diaphragm to a tee, yet to Tony this does not seem logical? Go figure
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    Ideal ICOS HE24 dead

    An icos that hasn't been serviced for 10 years!!!! Think you may be needing Ideals special service kit for that one
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    What is the best jpointing compound I can use

    Sounds like poly-york. Why not use a parallel brass fitting and a washer or a 22mm kuterlite coupling with an imperial ring for the poly-york.
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    Water pipes in PIR insulated plasterboard

    How deep is the insulation on the plasterboard? If the pipes are going on an external wall personally I would insulate the pipe and use a router to cut a channel in the insulation. They will be much easier to get to when they freeze & burst than if they are chased into the wall :D :D :D
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    One for BG guys

    Two pals? No ****ing way!!!! Nah they just don't have to put up with the **** up here like they do in Weegie land. They just **** off offshore and make double the money :wink: Yer mate at the Hydro should know that given that eight of us left within a week due to their new T&Cs. All you weegie...
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    New install- pay *after* got cert, and No TDS test, regrets?

    This ^ (apart from the Vokera) sorry Vulcan :lol There was a vid posted on here a while back a customer had taken of heat team engineers. Customer had a hot water issue & they kept telling her it was water quality issues. Turned out it was a faulty HW NTC and after the engineer had...
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    Lifting my heavy old cast iron radiator! Help please...

    Have you tried a can of spinach?
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    One for BG guys

    Wait till yeh start with the Hydro :wink: Then you'll see what focused on sales really is :D :D :D :D :D
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    One for BG guys

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I've work for both and can tell you they're like chalk & cheese. SSE is easily the worst place I have ever worked by a country mile. :wink: Good luck if you end up there :mrgreen:
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    Central heating not coming on

    If you're getting 240 from a permanent live to white (sometimes white&brown) on your mid position valve then you have no power on the white wire. The reason you get 0 between permanent live and grey is you have 240V on both wires hence no potential difference. Check white wire to neutral...
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    HELP advice on: LIVE and NEUTRAL wires were connected wrong

    You may have a distrust of plumbers but you also have no idea of the function of lock shield valves or an automatic by-pass. Thera are plastic cisterns that conform to the BS for solid fuel but most MI's ask for metal ones and they take presedence . As a general rule 10% of the heating...
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    Four Double Sockets on a 10A Radial.

    Yes spot on I did start with the cable but to get to 20A would mean 6mm I would rather exclude those two sockets than run 6mm and just extended the ring for the other two sockets in the room.
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    Four Double Sockets on a 10A Radial.

    Thanks for the info guys. My main concern is that the cables are behind 110mm of kingspan. They are inside 20mm conduit in a 20mm gap between the kingspan and OSB of the timber frame. Looking at the tables they should be at the plasterboard side to allow me to downrate to 20A So I have...
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    burying pipes in copper floor

    Underground copper is much thicker than standard copper pipe though.
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    burying pipes in copper floor

    I once removed a gas pipe that passed through a damp brick wall unsleaved. When it was removed it was like a teabag so your post I'm afraid is garbage.
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    Gas pipes in concrete

    Before burying a copper gas pipe in concrete my first choice would be a roll of factory sheathed copper, second would be pipe wrapped in denso tape. Wrapped in yellow gas tape? :shock: :?
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    Four Double Sockets on a 10A Radial.

    Room will be a tv/xbox room for the kids, in the future when they've outgrown it then it will become a spare bedroom so no real increase in load. The only reason I didn't just extend the ring was the fact I had to put cables behind the insulation. Was just unsure on the regs & if LABC may...