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    Swann camera power supply

    Hi I have the swann NHD-885MSB cameras and I want to install the additional power supply for better night vision. can somebody tell me the voltage required and the pin size or better still recommend a power supply that will do the job. many thanks
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    9651 panel

    Hi, Can anybody tell me the default zone and attribute settings for all 8 zones in the panel ? Cheers Chris
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    Paint over blue border

    Hi, I have a cream coloured room with a blue painted border running around the walls and I need to get rid of the blue border. Can somebody tell me the best way of doing it? do I just keep painting over it with the new cream colour untill it disapears or is there a better way of doing it...
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    Shut off tap

    Hi, I need to shut the water off to a property and I asked the owner where the shut off tap was and he told me it was outside with the water meter. I found that next to the water meter was a plastic rod sticking up which I thought you just turned to shut the water off, it wouldn't turn and It...
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    Fixing to stud wall

    Hi Can anyone help, I need to hang a 32" LED TV to a stud wall that is made up of plasterboard and the metal supports. I can get a fixing into 1 of the metal studs but the other fixings for the bracket will just be into the plasterboard. can someone tell me which is the best fixings to use...
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    Mixer shower

    Hi all, My parents have a mixer shower and when the lever is set to hot the water temp is only 30 degrees. I've checked the water out of the tap and that is around 58 degrees, this is from a combi boiler. How do I get the shower to run hotter? is there something inside the mixer that I need...
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    New build Bleeping

    Hi I bought my son all the bits to build a PC, we have already built 2 and have no problems. Asus mother board i7 processor 8g of ram, when we turned it on it would bleep 3 times and then shut down, we tried different ram still no joy, anyone any ideas ? Cheers Chris
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    Network cable

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting this kit to install a network cable to my son's bedroom, in the kit each box has 2 network sockets in them, will the 2 sockets go down the 1 cable or will I have to...
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    Silver paint

    Hi, Can somebody tell me what the silver paint is called that you paint onto a felted flat roof, I had mine done about 4 years ago and want to re paint it. Cheers
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    Water on sagging roof

    Hi All, Can anybody help me out, I have a flat roof on my garage that has had 3 layers of felt torched onto it and painted silver, the only problem is the joists have sagged and the roof now holds water. This is not a problem but I'm thinking can I fit some kind of drain in the centre of the...
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    Green tinge to picture

    Hi I have an LG RZ-32LZ55 Lcd tv and the picture has a green tinge to certain colours on the screen, whats wrong? can it be repaired and is it worth getting repaired? cheers for any help Chris
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    Block Paving

    Hi All, I had some block paving done about 3 weeks ago and I have just noticed that there is a white chalky deposit forming on top of the blocks and up the front of the step, can somebody tell me what it is and how to remove the stuff? Cheers
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    2 Laptops 1 Monitor

    Hi, Can I get a device to connect 2 laptops to 1 monitor, mouse and keyboard. I had a KVM switch for 2 desktop PC's but the laptops dont have keyboard outputs. cheers for any help Chris
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    Mitre Saw

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a decent mitre saw, i want one that when you set it to 45 it cuts a perfect 45 everytime, I'm mainly cutting cornice and pelmets for kitchens. Dewalt and Makita seem to get good wright ups.....what do you think? cheers Chris
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    Can't delete E mails

    Hi, I'm using Microsoft Office outlook and for some reason I can't delete some Emails, it keeps prompting me to use" inbox repair tool" to fix the problem, how do I do this? This problem only came about when my wife tried to send a 9meg attachment......yeah I know :x Cheers Chris
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    Hi, I wonder can anybody help, I am having a problem with limescale forming on the heater elements in an industrial humidifier (basically it's just a big Kettle) Is there any product I can use that I can dilute and leave to soak on these elements that will get rid of the limescale, I'm not...
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    Computer alarm?

    Hi, Can anybody help me, My computer sometimes makes an alarm sound from inside the PC and not through the speakers? :shock: I don't get any message on the screen, just a "nee Norr" sound from the mother board, the noise stops when I close whatever program is running at the time, usually a...
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    Garden fence

    Can someone tell me, if you look out of your window at your back garden fence between you and your neighbour, who is responsible for getting it fixed when the wind blows it down? :cry:
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    Boiler Manual

    Hi, Could anybody tell me where I could get hold of a manual for a Vokera Elipse ESC condensing boiler, I've tried the Vokera site and they only seem to have the latest boilers. Cheers :lol: Chris
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    Washing machine noisey bearing

    Hi all, I've got a Zanussi FLA 1201W Aquacycle 1200 washing machine and the drum has a loud grumbling noise when it goes onto spin, it sounds like the drum bearing has gone. What is the best option to me, is it to remove the drum and get a new bearing fitted to it, or can you buy a complete...