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    Tongue Tite screws

    Hello All Just wondering if anybody has any experience of using these screws for fitting solid oak flooring? Have just bought some to fix a new 18mm solid oak floor onto a sub-floor of pine floorboards overlayed with 6mm ply. I thought I would try these instead of hiring a porta...
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    Daft router question. Dewalt DW624

    Just bought this router for fitting worktops and am having trouble with the depth setting. Whenever I set the depth guide and then rout to this setting the tighteneing screw on the guide does not seem to hold its position and is easily moved as I plunge to the workpiece. I cant seem to...
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    Correcting severe floorslope on suspended wooden floor

    Hello All Have just found this forum and looks like a great place to ask this question! Im in the middle of renovating a 100ish year old ground floor conversion and would like to tackle the problem of severe floorslope (caused by subsidence a long time ago). At the moment I would like...