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    Ariston Eurocombi at it again.

    Sorry, that pic was a bit pants admittedly. I'll try resealing the thermistor but if that doesnt work is the pressure differential assembly part of the diverter valve and is it a big job? Cheers, Andy
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    Ariston Eurocombi at it again.

    Boiler pic as requested on link below. Its the black plug in the centre which is leaking. Thanks,
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    Ariston Eurocombi at it again.

    Hi, I posted on here the other week but had the boiler repaired since then (turned out to be the mainboard). However, there is a little pool of water under the boiler this morning. Took the front off and it is clearly coming from a little electrical switch on the side of the diverter valve. Id...
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    Ariston Eurocombi boiler thinking its up to temp.

    Hi folks, As the title says I have an Ariston boiler that seems to think its up to temp as soon as its turned on & therefore wont stay lit. Within a few seconds of turning it on for either hot water or heat the orange temp indicator lights on the front go up & up then the the boiler sits idly...