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    Uneven patio slabs for new rabbit shed

    Hi. Awaiting a shed for the kid's rabbits to place on an existing concrete slab patio; 11x6ft. It's on a slight slope and the slabs are uneven. As I am clueless with these sorts of things, I simply lifted the slabs, redistributed the soil to level and thought that would do. Naturally, two...
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    Indoor CCTV for parent with dementia

    Hi. My father recently passed away leaving my mother who suffers with dementia and Alzheimers. I want to install indoor cameras to allow my brother and I to check on her whilst at work etc. Ideally, we would like something as follows: Max. 10 cameras Ideally battery operated Currently no WiFi...
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    Wiring a new oven

    Hi. Looking for a new single built in electrical oven. Current oven is plugged in to a double socket which is connected to a cooker switch on the wall. This is on its own circuit to the CU. Can anyone offer me any guidance, please?
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    Kitchen laminate flooring sliding around

    Hi. I've around 3/4 laminate boards which move around when walked on. I don't know brand or type so would like to know what glue to use. I've spent hours reading online which to use; PVA, urethane based etc. so what do you recommend, please? It's looking a bit worn so the finish doesn't need to...
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    Can I use an SDS drill as an angle grinder/wire brush etc.

    I've been looking online for an angle grinder which cuts metal/stone and allows me to use a wire brush for removing paint from metal. Is this possible and, if so, is it easy, please?
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    Vaillant Ecotech 28 pump leak

    Hi. I noticed a few drips falling from the right hand side of my boiler. On inspection it appears to be coming from beneath the pump. I am awaiting an engineer to come and fix it. I am using it sparingly at the moment. Switch on on a morning and use to heat the house and everyone to shower...
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    Does Creocote (creosote substitute) damage concrete fence posts?

    I've removed the wooden fence panels that aren't bolted in and sprayed them with creocote. However, some can't remove so have sprayed those in situ. Some has run down onto the concrete kickboards and posts. Will this damage them? If so, how should remove it, please? Also, any suggestions for...
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    Honeywell ST9100C programmer/thermostat wiring problems

    I asked an electrician that I’d employed to disconnect the central heating timer from the thermostat. The reason was that TWO Honeywell ST9100C programmers had stopped working after he wired it separately from the plumber installing the new central heating system. Therefore: A. Is there some...
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    Leak between my kitchen sink waste trap and the drainage

    I've just noticed a leak between my kitchen sink waste trap and the drainage pipe to outside. I employed an awful 'plumber' last year. On inspection, the white cap tightens to nothing on the black pipe. The black pipe just slots in with no sealing or means of tightening it. Does anybody...
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    General household screws/washers/nails/plugs case???

    Hi. I'm looking for an idea of what sort of screws, washers, nails, plugs etc. just to keep in the house for when needed. What are the most commonly needed and are there any trade cases that supply this, please? Thanks in advance.
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    Screw a heavy wooden "fence panel" to concrete pos

    I've just used some existing decking boards as a fence panel and just need to know what screws and plugs to use, please? Should I screw to pieces of wood on first and then the panel to the wood, please? Thank you.
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    Uneven bathroom tile finish to ceiling.

    Hi. My rogue trader has finally finished and left me seeking legal advise for breach of contract. In the meantime, does anyone have any useful ideas on masking over this to present an even finish, please? ie Some kind of flexible finshing strip over the top? Somethign around the...
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    New Vailant boiler fitted - Should I replace old radiators?

    I'd say the radiators are 20/25 years old. When taken-off, black dirt came out of them. Should I replace them, or can I clean them out somehow? I had the boiler working for a short time but am concerned that the sludge may damage the boiler. Have taken all of the rads off to decorate...
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    Somebody help me say a 'friendly' thanks but no thanks...

    to my local 'friendly' bathroom seller. Quoted me last week and has now upped his prices since then. It still seems a good deal and I need the bathroom quickly but I really want to find it elsewhere and tell him where he can stick it. He's bumped-up the price of a Morley Phoenix basin and...
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    Bathroom and kitchen tile adhesive and grout questions...

    Hi. I am considering buying the following tiles: Bathroom Kitchen Do I need to mist the plaster before tiling, please? What adhesive and grout should I use, please...
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    Anyone know whether RAK bathrooms are any good?

    Any opinions appreciated. Thanks.
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    Which new bathroom suite, budget upto £600, please?

    Hi. We have a small bathroom (around 6ft x 6ft) and am looking for a good quality new bathroom suite. After reading many forums, I've now concluded that you get what you pay for so have decided against a big-chain budget range for £200 and am now looking at upto £600. Naturally, I wish...
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    Fireplace hole needs plastering over but...

    My plasterer said he didn't know what to do with the old fireplace hole. The old fireplace has gone leaving just the hole. However, it seems to have been bricked-up and filled in with cement. More poured in and just left. I want teh entire fireplace replastering to allow for an electric...
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    Advise replacing an internal kitchen door for a stud wall???

    Advise replacing an internal kitchen door for a stud wall??? I have two doorways into my kitchen so to maximise the space I have decided to lose one internal doorway. The kitchen has been gutted and am awaiting the plasterer to start. He advised me that he would plaster-board over the...
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    Hotpoint Aquarius WF220 problems.

    Hi. The belt keeps coming-off but it looks fine. I have put it as far away to stop it from slipping-off. Also, there is a loud noise when spinning as though there is a piece of metal being thrown aroudn inside the drum. Naturally, there isn't so could that be something to do with the...