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    Ideas on painting a bath / shower tray

    Hi, i have removed the top of my bath to create a shower base I need to paint it or at least change its colour I see there are kits which include every individual item you would use including sandpaper and face masks. However, i don't need to buy all those again It seems the kits uses paint...
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    Are M6 bolts right for this?

    I built this today and will be fitting coach bolts on each slat where they meet the ledges and braces, ie 50 on this one I inadvertently ordered 300 m6 bolts, nuts and washers, then thought they might be too small... The slats are 118mm wide. I think maybe m10 would have been better :/
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    Wanting a 'push bar to open' lock but not

    On the left hand door to my garage i want a one-handed internal lock which releases bolts in the top and bottom I found espagnolettes but they seem expensive Then i found the emergency exit 'push bar to open' lock Is there anything like this for regular non emergency use I just want...
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    Laying conservatory base over existing patio

    I have been toing and froing over this as i know it's a bodge I have a 2 x 2.5 metre conservatory to put up in my yard The plan was to remove the flags and leave the existing concrete path and put a slab over the top This would create a step under the base but the levels would be 10cm...
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    Thinking of buying this conservatory, a couple of questions

    HI, I'm thinking about buying this conservatory I'm wondering if the ends panels can be swapped so the door opens to the left I suppose it depends on the angled top windows...