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    removing wall therostat

    right, i need some help please...I'm taking off the old wall thermostat to get a wireless one. what do i do, I take the old one off but what do i do with the wires? do i need to get a block or something on it? cheers manny
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    plaster ceilings or artex?

    getting all the ceilings done in my house, I've had a plasterer quote me to skim the ceilings and I've had an artexer come round who can skim the ceiling flat with artex.....I never knew you could artex a ceiling flat - which would be the better option? any ideas thanks for any help
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    replacing radiators that are a different size?

    Hi, I'm a complete novice and need some help. I am planning to get all my radiators replaced, really old, been painted about 10 times and generally looking knackered. I've measured them and went into wicks but they don't do them in the size I want. They are like 40mm out. Should I just...