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    Fix Timber to Concrete Fence Post

    After a bit of advice. I need to fix some 4x2 to the flat edge of a concrete fence post. It'll be about 6 foot or so long. This is on two posts to create something I can attach a gate to. I'll brace across the top. I've read all about the issues with drilling concrete posts, and looked at...
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    Screws for smoke alarms

    Had the ceilings and walls reskimmed and painted. Need to put the smoke alarms back up. I seem to have lost the screws that were holding them up before. What should I use?
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    2 way light switch. Replaced switch

    Recently replaced some bedroom downlights with led down lights. Everything worked ok, but we had an old dimmer and it was causing flickering and buzzing. So, changed it today to a varilight led dimmer. Everything works much better flickering and buzzing wise but I think I have wired something...
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    permawhite in bathroom

    Hi I have some leftover permawhite that I used in the downstairs kitchen and bathroom. Just repairing the upstairs bathroom which was previously patched up with standard emulsion. Son of the old paint was peeling and I have removed the peeling and flaking paint which has gone back to bare...
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    Little Green paint

    So after some advice on here and some research, we are difinitely using LG intellimat on the walls. How's about the woodwork, radiator and ceilings? Can we use the intellimat on those as well (the shirting colour which I understand is very close to white, with a flat slight grey tint). Would...
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    Ronseal Professional Varnish equivalent?

    A couple of years back I used some of this stuff on a couple of doors. It went on quite well and has held up really well. So I wanted to do a couple more doors, some stair banisters and the inside of a velux with it. It seems they no longer supply it? Here's the stuff I used...
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    Wood Velux interior

    We have a velux that is the pine and lacquered finish. Its a good few years old and needs a tidy up. I am presuming I can sand back and just stain? Will that be ok? And recommendation bearing in mind its going to have a lot of sun and close to the elements
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    Stone window sills

    We have stone window sills and need to.sort them out properly. Here's what we have.... Here's the too of the window and you can see some damage from a falling tile.. First. What's the best way to repair the damage to the sills and the broken bit above the window? Second, what...
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    easiest way to strip wallpaper

    Have a stairs, landing and master bedroom we need to strip. I think its just one layer of paper but quite a large area. We have a simple steamer with a wallpaper stripper attachment that's worked fairly well in the past. What's the best way to do this? Just use the steamer? Or are any of the...
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    Best paint for stairs, landing and main bedroom?

    What would you recommend? Have used permawhite in the kitchen which seemed good and johnstones endura in one bedroom, which again seemed good. Fairly high traffic on the stairs. Want the same colour throughout as the bedroom is an attic room which leads straight through from the stairs...
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    chimney stack repairs

    Ok so roof work nearly done and gone fairly smoothly. However the chimneys are looking a bit sorry for themselves. On this stack, our side is the left side, with the single pot and the gas flue. This is on the front elevation. On this stack, our side is the right hand side. Back...
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    Best product and method to fill fine plaster cracks?

    Doing a bit of repainting and we have a few fine cracks in the plaster which we would like to fill. What's the easiest and most effective way to do this, so it can be painted over nicely. Thanks
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    approx cost to correctly insulate roof

    Ok, so standard mid terrace house with a room in the loft so no access to the insulation from the house. Roof being stripped and refurbed. I think there is some.insulation in there, but doubt its up to spec. What approx cost of materials and labour to add insulation when the roof off...
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    Reroof building notice?

    Just been doing a bit of reading and still not sure.... Roofer is starting work next week in our roof. Stripping off clay tiles, putting in insulation as required, new felt (none at the moment) new lath and reusing existing tiles, replacing where needed. All flashings to be changed to new...
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    Which membrane and velux flashing

    Placing our materials ordering for the roof tomorrow. Roofer has put Cromar Vent 3 Classic for the membrane. He says its fine and he has no problems with it but says I can upgrade my order with the supplier if I want. Should I stick with this or go for the slightly more expensive Cromar? Or...
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    Recommend a paint for hall stairs landing and bedroom

    Aftrr some good advice on my last load of decorating, thought I would pop back and ask.... Probably having our stairs, landing and top bedroom either repapered or hopefully reskimmed. Then fresh paint on top. We have two toddlers. Will be all the same colour because of the layout of...
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    We need the back of our mid terrace repointing. Here are a few pics.... We have had a few quotes. Cheapest was £340 going up to £750. I know it could be done DIY but we have too much on at the moment, and I am saving the DIY for some other jobs. Firstly. What do you think...
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    Do I need a new roof?

    We have lived in the house for about 10 years. Had a few slipped tiles (one which went through the car windscreen!). Theres a few that have cracked. The attic is a bedroom and bathroom so we don't have access from underneath. There is a small patch under the chimney where the ceiling...
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    How should I cable these outside lights?

    Back of the house, and this pic pretty much says it all.... I have repaired the render and repainted it. I have taken down the two floodlights as they were rusted and pretty much falling apart. The twin and earth cable comes from the side alley of the...
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    Replacing outside lights

    We currently have two 150w outside lights, that are very old and looking sorry for themselves. I have had to take them down as I am painting the render. I want to replace them and was thinking of some LED floodlights instead. The current ones are wired from a switch in the house, a cable...