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    DPC/DPM in wall below external ground level.

    I'm rebuilding a 9 inch wall (on the existing foundations) and I just wanted some advice on whether I've got the right set up in regards to the DPC and vertical DPM. The external floor level (concrete) is about 45cm higher than the internal floor level. Currently there is no dpc/dpm in the...
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    How much kVA do I need?

    I'm hoping somebody can help me. Im converting a 4bedroom flat to 3 x 1bedroom flats. I am having a new 3 phase supply installed for 3 the flats. UK Power Networks have asked me how much kVA will I be needing in total. Each flat will have its own gas supply with the heating & hot water...
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    External Render and Mesh

    Hi all I'm having the exterior walls of my whole house rendered. The existing render has been removed down to the brickwork (which is in bad shape). The new loft gable wall has the thermalite blocks and the new ground floor extension has the dense concrete blocks. My builder will be doing a...
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    Warm Deck flat roof - vapour barrier

    I am having an extension built, and my builder is constructing the flat warm deck roof in the following way: GRP Insulated decking board (Ecotherm insulation 120mm with 6mm ply attached) Firrings Joists Plasterboard I have read that I need a Vapour barrier. Where in the roof construction...
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    Foundation depth and bloody trees!

    Ive got a tree in my neighbours garden which is about 5 meters away from the foundations of my single storey extension. How do i determine what kind of tree it is because the BCO wont be able to tell me how deep to go before i tell him the type of tree? Its bloody tall an' all!!