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    Butyl tanking membrane - air bubble help!

    Hi, I’ve just laid the first width of tanking membrane, and annoyingly there are a few air bubbles in the middle of the sheet. The biggest is probably 3cmx2cm and a few mm high. is there a way to resolve this? Is the butyl rubber back ‘liquid’ enough to seal its self if I put a pin prick in to...
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    Wet room shower former support

    Hi, I am installing a grp shower tray former on timber joists and I am struggling to get them perfectly level. is there anything wrong with laying 18mm boards on top of the joists and then the former on top of that. I’ve dry fitted out and it feels much more secure, but I’m not sure if I’m...
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    Loft conversion , new circuits

    hi, I am part way through a loft conversion and will need to start the wiring for the electrics fairly soon. It will have a bedroom bathroom and landing. I will be running a new circuit for the lighting, and a new one for the sockets. I just want to get the wiring in before the floors go down...
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    Loft conversion joist detail

    Hi, I am converting my loft and i have a question regarding how best to fix the new floor joists. We are lucky with the construction of the house; the new floor joists can run from the current inner wall plate under the eaves to the central spine wall. My question is how best to fix them...
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    Engineered flooring over Vinyl tiles

    Hello, I am half way through an extension and am think about flooring. I would like to lay an engineered oak flooring in the extension, half of which is new, and half existing. The existing half has vinyl (i think) tiles which i was planning to pull up, and then self level the whole lot and then...
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    How to raise a concrete floor by 50mm?

    Hi, I am building an extension and where the new floor meets the old there is a 50mm height difference. The new floor is Hardcore -->concrete slab-->100mm celotex-->75mm concrete subfloor. i know i should have poured the subfloor to within a few mm and then used self levelling compound, but i...
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    Is this DIY Gas or not?

    Hello, I am after a bit of advice about some gas work i need to have done and would like to know of what i am planning is ok. Part of a kitchen extension involves moving the cooker from one side of the house (which currently has the gas pipe running alongside the outside wall) to the other side...
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    Lintel opening - max span

    I have an 1800mm lintel, and would like to create a 1520mm opening. It will be supporting one course of bricks and then the eaves wall plate and roof structure of a 3.6m lean to roof. I know that the minimum bearing is meant to be 150mm at either end, but given that i will be only 10mm...
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    Repairing old plaster corners

    Hi, I have tried searching but hasn't found what I am looking for. I have just stripped the wallpaper off my living room walls to find that the plaster is pretty good apart from the external corners of the chimney and bay window. They currently have wooden corner beads, some of which are...
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    Concrete slab advice

    Hi, I am looking for a little advice regarding pouring a slab for a workshop floor. I have cleared the top soil and put down about 100mm of stone as a sub base, and now am deciding how best to make the shuttering. 2 sides of the shuttering could be formed by a sleeper wall, and the concrete...
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    ideal he30 diverter valve problem...Help needed

    I have an ideal he30 which from research on here i think has a faulty diverter valve. the reason i am not certain is that the hot water works perfectly and it is the heating that is not great, from what i have read it is usually the other way around. When the heating is turned on there is a...
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    Outbuilding height question

    I am planning to build a workshop in my garden around 4x5m. As I understand it i am able to build this with a maximum peak roof height of 4m if it is sited more than 2m from the nearest boundary, or 2.5m if within 2m. I think i will need to place it with 2m, but would like to have pitched...
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    Cutting slate tiles

    Hi, I would like to tile an 8m2 area with 200x400 slate tiles, however I can only find 400x400 in the shade that I would like. Would cutting the larger size in two be a sensible option? I am planning to buy a wet tile cutter anyway, but wanted to check what people thought. I should need to...
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    soldering close to existing solder joints

    From what i can see from searching, i should be ok to add a tee piece to the pipework, despite its proximity to old solder joints. Does this sound right? or should i use a compression joint instead? Many thanks james
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    soldering close to existing joints - SORRY WRONG SECTION

    From what i can see from searching, i should be ok to add a tee piece to the pipework, despite its proximity to old solder joints. Does this sound right? or should i use a compression joint instead? Many thanks james Sorry Wrong section!