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    Which satalite meter?

    Im currently doing all the electrical alterations/extending cables etc on external insulation contracts for my friend. He has asked me to also do the removal of satalite dishes, set them up on the scaffolding and then re-attach them once the insulation and rendering has been done. So my question...
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    Brick Identifiction

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone could identify the bricks in these pics or suggest suitable brick matches. They are both dragfaced, thanks for any help. The house was built in the late 90's, :D Cheers, Nathan
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    Planning Headache

    Hi all, I have a slight problem with a job I am doing for a client. Its an L shaped conservatory that projects 5 meters from the rear of a detached house and runs 5 meters along before returning 2.8 meters back to a single story kitchen. I submitted the drawings for planning permission and...
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    Routine repair and maintnance

    Can anyone guide me to the legislation or where in the building regulations documents I can find a reference to the fact that routine repairs and maintenance arent subject to building control approval? Cheers
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    Concealed cistern reconmendations

    Hi all can someone reconmend a concealed cistern system for me. On a Flat refurb we have done the architect specified easi plan gear but we have just had endless problems with the flush valve sticking when the the 6 litre flush is pressed. The whole mechanisms have been changed and the problem...
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    Boiler Manual Request

    Hi all, Does anybody have a copy of the manual for a Glow Worm Swiftflow 100 S.I.T ? I have checked Glow Worms website but was unable to find a copy :-( . If anybody does have a PDF of the maunual could they please be so kind as to send me a copy to Many Thanks...
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    Going rates

    Hi could anyone tell me what the current going rates are for dot and dabbing plasterboard per m2 are for labour only. Also what are people charging for labour only per m2 for skimming onto boards. Many Thanks :D
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    Zoning central heating

    I wish to split my central heating into two zones. Can someone reconmend a progammer that with control two zone valves from two thermostats? Cheers