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  1. squigles

    Help req Insulating loft

    Thanks masona Looks like a call to the roofing company to get them back out to finish the job :!: I am in the process of removing all the old felt, how much of a gap should be left :?: After the slabs are installed, would it be possible to cover with plasterboard or any other kind of...
  2. squigles

    Help req Insulating loft

    masona No just making it a more usable space rather than just a dumping ground. Double Trimmers :?: Those were installed by a roofing company who did some repairs to the roof at the start of the year. Are they installed incorrectly then :?: Not sure if it helps but they are conservation type...
  3. squigles

    Help req Insulating loft

    Hi I am wanting to insulate the loft in our 1930's house, I have been looking at various sites etc. Now apart from my brain having shrunk to the size of a pea, I know that I can't insulate the floor of the loft (not enough room between the floor and celling underneath. So I want to...
  4. squigles

    Anyone used or using a MAC

    blueeyez I'm using Mac's, also have networked security cameras around the house. Have been using a programme called SecuritySpy what are you looking at doing or need help on :?: