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    Glow-worm Flexicom 18SX boiler

    Hi, just moved into new house with this boiler. Any ideas how to just get hot water only. Is this possible. i find i have to have on full central heating in order to get hot water tks
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    shower waste coupler to waste pipe

    great tks i'll try B&Q for this coupler. Image of flexible pipe connnected to shower waste tray in earlier post.
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    shower waste coupler to waste pipe

    tks ticklyt, i notice there are no threads on the end of flexible connector pipe which would connect to this coupler. Will this waste coupler still work image attached of flexible pipe connected to shower waste trap.
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    shower waste coupler to waste pipe

    installing replacement shower tray. Tray came with shower waste connected to flexible pipe. How do i join this flexible pipe with existing waste pipe in ensuite. Can i just insert flexible pipe into waste similar to what is done with waste on say a washing machine or do i have to couple...
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    advice re quadrant tray install

    tks fluffster, in hindsight i should have gone for stone resin but i can't return fibre glass at this stage. i can only extend the legs so much that it leave only a gap of an inch or two so don't think i'll be able to get to waste if problem. Could put legs up on thicker ply though. Just...
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    advice re quadrant tray install

    tks. when you say stand it on very rigid platform i could put on ply but how do i fix in place not to allow any movement. Also if i do have a leak in the future will i have to pull tray put to diagnose problem - would this be the norm.
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    advice re quadrant tray install

    Hi, looking for some advice or guidance on quadrant shower tray (attached pics). As per pics legs are extended so waste is off ground. This will replace existing tray. Looking to put on bed of mortar to fix in place but will not have any access to waste outlet once in place. Would this be the...
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    Replacing non-thermostatic mixer shower with thermostatic

    Hi, looking to do a bathroom refurb so wanted to replace existing old concealed non-thermostatic mixer shower (BIR) with thermostatic equivalent. Is there anything that would need to be done plumbing wise to fit the thermostatic equivalent or anything to watch out for. Was just hoping for a...
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    Hotpoint DWF50 Dishwasher leaking

    Hi, Dishwasher was originally displaying wash indicator lights 3 + 5 (eco + pre) flashing rapidly - Filter is clogged. Pull out the filter and clean it.. Cleaned filter several times but to no avail. Then decided to take dishwasher outside tilt on its side to have a look inside. Unscrewed...
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    Constant replacement of valves

    1) Gas - Ferroli Tempra 18 Boiler (3 years old) 2) Constant replacement of motorised valves (3 in total). Have replaced CH valve (myson mpe222) for upstairs ch, downstairs ch and valve for water tank. These 3 have been replaced in the last 5 weeks. 3) Problem manifested itself by heating...