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    Odour from stack

    Hi there, we are getting odour from internal stack, it's a small utility,no leaks. Work done 2 years ago, was occasional but now more frequent. Had plumber out the first couple of times, insisted all is fine. I think (just from checking online) that the top of the stack should have an air...
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    Upvc sash window stuck

    Hi, anyone have an idea of how to get this window open. It only opens a small bit and not as far as the sash restrictors. There are 2 knobs, pic shows one in place and one screwed out. The hole left of the one screwed out doesn't look as if it was done at manufacture, seems a bit untidy. These 2...
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    Plate Heat Exchanger keeps failing

    Hi, just looking to inform myself before escalating issue with either Valliant or plumber. Had extension finished in Dec 2018, new pipes throughout to shower/taps/radiators. New Valliant boiler installed. Water wasn't heating fully from the off, had Valliant out Jan 19, replaced heat exchanger...
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    Fill in tap hole on quartz counter

    Hi, can a tap hole that has been cut in a quartz worktop be filled in/replaced and would it look ok? Just had quartz worktop put in, they have made 1 central hole for a mixer tap rather than 2 holes we require. Havent explored how they messed it up yet, just wondering if it can be reversed or do...
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    Door knob screw

    Hi, refurbing a wardrobe, the door seems to be an internal house door. I have a decorative ceramic knob from Zara that I would like to use, but the pin/screw is not long enough to secure on inside of door. Does anyone know if these pins/screws are available in different sizes and what they are...
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    Sanding plaster

    Hi. Have searched previous posts but not found answer. Have had some walls chased out for electrics. Dad has filled in chases, bit untidy/uneven finish with plaster on wall either side of chases. Had planned to smooth with belt sander and finish by hand but belt sander is scratching quite a bit...
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    Handle free door

    Hi, looking for a full size door that has a push operation to open it. It's for a cupboard door that currently has no handle on it as the kitchen door has to pass it to close fully, so it is wide open all the time, to add a handle would impede the kitchen door closing fully. Does anyone know the...
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    Ceiling & Coving 2nd Coat?

    Hi. Should I give ceiling and coving a 2nd coat as standard or is it worth deciding after 1st coat is dry and see if it will suffice? Will be painting white on to existing white. ta
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    Stored washing machine without draining!!

    Hi. As title suggests, didnt drain machine ie tipped out water before storing for 6 months(just forgot). Connected it up, doesnt smell great even after a good few empty cycles, have I completely ruined and should replace it? Cheers
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    Wallpaper on new plaster

    Hi all, I have searched the forum but couldn't find similar topic. Having a room replastered. Will be wallpapering a feature wall. Is there an ideal length of time to leave the plaster before wallpapering, have had contradicting advice. Cheers
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    House Purchase - Absence of Through Lounge Building Regs

    Hi. I am at completion/exchange stage which will happen in next few weeks. Had mortgage valuation survey done, they mentioned to ensure Building Regs were in place. House is 1910 with classic lounge through diner. Current owners dont know anything about it and have offered indemnity insurance...
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    Honeywell ST9400C- hot water preheat turns on heating

    Hi all. Moved in to rented property recently. Got to grips with preset timings on heating, no probs. Hot water timings are seperate but didn't use them as water was perfectly hot without preheat. Recently hot water has not been great so began to use the preheat, however it heats the rads also...
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    Soil Vent Repair

    Hi all. Recently had a blocked toilet, after exhausting a lot of options they cut a hole in the soil vent pipe to get access to blockage which was caused by a damaged rest bend. The rest bend is due to be repaired under house insurance but I need to get a seperate quote for pipe repair, will get...
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    Drop in gas pressure between inlet and boiler

    hi, had my boiler serviced and engineer has diagnosed a drop in pressure of gas between inlet and boiler since he last serviced it. boiler is in full working order. he tested presure of gas coming in to house which is fine. he suspects either blockage in the pipe or damage to the pipe(which he...
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    shower/bath mix replacement

    hi all. have had decent advice here in the past so thanks for any replies.Recently noticed when having shower that when I added cold water some cold water also came through the bath tap, took the mixer lever off to get to taps and see if it was a washer but the screw snapped before I got the...
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    no cold water in upstairs tap

    hi. cold water is gone from bathroom sink tap upstairs. cold water is fine in bath and in sink downstairs in kitchen, all hots are fine too. all water comes in from outside mains so there is no tank in the loft. any ideas? air lock maybe! if no simple solution will get a plumber out. Could this...
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    Hot water not running hot

    hi there, have searched this topic and found some replies which have given me some food for thought. basically have a combi boiler, shower upstairs is only barely reasonable temp to take a shower, however I do notice it at this time of year,each year. my question is does the outside temp affect...
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    Light Switch advice

    hi guys (and girls) moved in recently, the light on landing upsatirs controlled by a Timeguard switch and can turn it on/off at bottom of stairs on normal switch. one night bulb went but also the red light on Timeguard switch. didnt work after that, checked all wiring. now when I tried again...
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    counter covering

    I have covered a counter/office desk with black leather roll. I used velcro to attach to the surface, but now it is slipping and becoming unattached underneath. what would be a more suitable/permanent way of keeping the cover on many thanks
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    fence blown down

    hi guys, i have looked at other topics and they have been helpful. the dividing fence has been blown down, posts are on my side, not marked on deeds although previous owner marked fence on right as ours and fence on left as neighbours responsibility. neighbour says the convention is with a...