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  1. godsoftandjoearedull

    For those against corporal punishment....

    I see Softus is back trolling :lol:
  2. godsoftandjoearedull

    I'm outta here

    There used to be a poster on here called softus who also made personal judgement calls. Hardly a parting soliloquy of your usual standard. Goodbye
  3. godsoftandjoearedull

    panasonic cf29 mouse problem

    breezer you filthy beast :shock:
  4. godsoftandjoearedull


    Oh, gutted! I was expecting a :cry:
  5. godsoftandjoearedull

    cost of a new bathroom and kitchen

    Liam - Labour only:- Job1 - £3056+vat Job2 - £3482+vat Job3 - £747+vat
  6. godsoftandjoearedull

    Cant access email

    Ok. So assuming you've got internet connectivity and can browse the internet from the laptop what exactly is the problem? When you say, "you can't access your e-mail" do you mean:- 1. You can't connect to Orange's website to retrieve your mails? or 2. You can't login to the website? or...
  7. godsoftandjoearedull

    Cant access email

    Is this a web-based e-mail account (e.g. hotmail) or a corporate account running off your company's own e-mail servers? Have you ever been able to access it from your laptop?
  8. godsoftandjoearedull

    ICS over wireless

    In that case I can highly recommend a Netgear DG834G which has a 4-port switch for your wired devices. I've installed a couple of these for friends and family in SOHO environments and they are very good wrt reliability. I'm pretty sure you can pick them up for around £40 these days, so will not...
  9. godsoftandjoearedull

    Business Practice/Payments/Deposits, Etc.

    My, oh my, oh my :roll:
  10. godsoftandjoearedull

    Offered Something Else Besides Money

    Noooooooooooooooo. It's been almost civilised on here without Joe. :lol:
  11. godsoftandjoearedull

    Employment Law

    Dear, oh dear, oh dear. I see it's been out on it's usual Sunday night troll. :roll:
  12. godsoftandjoearedull

    One benefit of the Credit Crunch/financial meltdown

    Oh no, he's splitting hairs, again! :roll:
  13. godsoftandjoearedull

    Caption Competition #4697

    You daft cow.
  14. godsoftandjoearedull

    a bit of fun

    "Clutching at Icelandic Straws" - Bald Plumber
  15. godsoftandjoearedull

    Off duty police officer sacked

    I'm sure most of us would rather ban softus :roll: .
  16. godsoftandjoearedull

    Album Cover Quiz

    You've got 15, 17 and and 19 correct Thermo, but 11 isn't Bowie and 18 isn't Pink Floyd. Blondini's correct with 13 - Coldplay, Rush of blood to the head Nickso's right with 16 - Beatles, Abbey Rd and 20 Primal Scream, Screamadelica. I included that just for you, after your previous...
  17. godsoftandjoearedull

    Album Cover Quiz

    Some more for you all to have a go at. There's an eclectic mix here so hopefully everyone will recognise at least 1 or 2. Let's see how you get on. Enjoy. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18 . 19. 20. 21.
  18. godsoftandjoearedull

    Album Cover Quiz

    Correct, I wasn't sure if that picture would be too subtle. 8) That's all of them. I'll put some more up :D .
  19. godsoftandjoearedull

    Album Cover Quiz

    Correct! It's a tough one I'll grant you, although given you got the Happy Mondays and live in Manchester I thought you may have half a chance. BTW, do you live far from here? :wink: