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    Hi Kev, hope you are well. Sent some more busines your way today from West Wales. The local...

    Hi Kev, hope you are well. Sent some more busines your way today from West Wales. The local Plumbcentre manager is sending any calibration queries to me after I sang your praises at a manufacturers breakfast meeting.
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    Transit Connect mileage concern

    Hi guys, Im looking at buying a Transit Connect LX 200TDCI for work. My concern is the 138k miles. Full service history with new oil and filter every 10k. also had new cam belt within last year. How good are these engines and am i likely to get a few good years out of it? I cover 8k local...
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    Wifi Boost

    Ok, sounds good. running the cable is no problem. What sort of connection am I looking for? Is this option instead of wifi or is there a means of running this cable from the hub to the effected areas and fitting a receiver or am I off the mark? I was hoping to use a laptop and smart tv in a room...
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    Wifi Boost

    excuse my ignorance Monkeh, what is this cable and what do you advise I do with it to improve the problem? :roll:
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    Wifi Boost

    Hi, I have a wifi issue with a noticeable weak signal in 2 rooms of my house. I have a BT Home hub 4 situated in the lounge next to the TV which I believe uses 2 frequencies. The main part of the 3 bed detached house is fine, as is the 1st floor. The problems I have are in the kitchen and more...
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    Gas Boiler Servicing : Advice Please!

    They don't exist :lol:
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    Leaking fibre glass flat roof

    Hi, my fibre glass roof above my kitchen has started leaking, insurance do not want to know. Was changed from felt 8 years ago, guy who did the work is dead so no come back there :shock: Seems to have split in a couple of areas on the raised bulb like edging at the back of the roof. Any...
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    Greenstar HE Plus 35 Combi - How do i top up central heating

    The pressure should rise regardless whether the boiler is on or off, however on some boilers if the diverter valve on the boiler is in the hot water position the pressure will increase slightly when you switch the heating on. Give it a try it wont do any harm, you may hear a hiss from the...
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    Greenstar HE Plus 35 Combi - How do i top up central heating

    There will usually be a pipe connecting the cold main to the central heating return. At one end of the pipe(usually braided flexible) there will be an isolation valve (either thumb tap or ballofix type, which you will need a flatblade screwdriver for). At the other end there will be exactly...
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    Gloworm 35ci combi - pressure fluctuations

    The Pressure relief valve (overflow pipe as you call it) is probably passing slightly. Sometimes a little dirt on the valve seating. Does the pressure rise excessivley when the boiler is in use (this would usually indicate an expansion vessel problem) The pressure relief valve is a safety...
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    Worcester 28i fan replacement

    Need to pick a fellow RGI's brains. Faced with a fan go down on a Worcs 28i today which was beyond repair. Luckily I had a replacement fan on the van for a 24i (different part number to the 28i) Tried ringing Worcs tech help - forget that too busy, local rep not answering. The fans look...