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    Combi-microwave 3400w - 3-core flex to Cooker Point ??

    Hi Everyone My new combi-microwave 3400w has a 1.5mm flexi-cable. How should this be connected to a cooker point supplied by a 10mm cabled dedicated circuit (45 amp breaker)? Can I use the normal cooker outlet plate to connect? Thanks in advance. Cheers Martin
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    Fused Spur - New Microwave 3400watts?

    Hi Everyone Have just bought a new built-in combi-microwave which I have just discovered is rated at 3400w. The old one was wired into a 13amp fused spur. Can the fused spur be re-used or will I need a dedicated circuit. Thanks in advance. Martin
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    Dishwasher - check valve?

    Hi Everyone Just about to plumb in new dishwasher. Do the regulations require that you fit a check valve in the cold inlet pipe as it is fed directly from mains? Thanks in advance. Cheers Martin
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    Downlight Help - Double insulated or not ....with picture?

    Hi Everyone Despite all warnings I still bought these GU10 lights on 'fleebay' so go easy on me !!! The instructions say these downlights are double insulated and must not be earthed. It also says the downlight is labeled with the double insulation mark but they are not marked with the two...
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    Floor levelling compound - Where to buy and what make?

    Hi Everyone I need to raise and feather finish a section of kitchen floor 30mm -> 0mm. What smoothing / levelling compound do people recommend for that range of floor depth? Does anyone know a national building supplier/retailer that I can buy it from? Thanks in advance Martin
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    Which crimp connectors for 6mm cable?

    Hi Guys Which is the best crimp connector type to join 6mm cable. I assume 'Butt' to join the cable if there is enough length but if not what do you experts use? Multiple 'Butt' , Spade or Bullet crimps. Thanks in advance. Martin
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    Extending Cooker Point

    Hi I have registered for Part P inspection witb BC. I am happy with the doing the lighting and socket additions but have a query about moving the cooker point. I would prefer to run a new 6mm cable from the CU but it will cause too much disruption. Is it acceptable to use an existing...
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    Cooker Socket - In Kitchen cupboard ???

    Hi Everyone I want to fit new floor to ceiling kitchen units along the whole length of a wall including a new built-in cooker. This would mean the existing cooker switch would be in an ajacent cupboard to the cooker is this ok or will I need to have it moved? Thanks in advance. Martin
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    Vaillant Ecotec 438 - s.53 Problem - Fixed?????

    Hi Everyone Hope this post helps someone else and cuts short the time taken to resolve this problem. Thanks to all of you that offered your help and suggestions. Originally I posted a problem topic: Vented System - Reverse Flow - I think ...
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    Changing to 2-way light switches - Part P?

    Hi Everyone I have a hall light that switches on at a single switch. Is adding another switch at the other end of the hall and wiring it up to be 2-way notifiable under Part P. Cheers Martin
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    Vented System - Reverse Flow - I think ?

    Hi Everyone I think I have just wasted a few days changing my Central Heating pipework. From what I have read on the Forum I think I have introduced Reverse Flow !!!. Can anyone confirm what changes I now have to make it work correctly. :cry: Now my central heating only works when two or...
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    Central Heating - How to isolate Hot Water Tank?

    Hi Everyone My central heating system is drained at the moment. In the near future I want to replace my hot water tank. To make life easier I would like to isolate the two pipes flow & return) to the existing tank ready for the tank swap. What sort of isolating valves are up to the job? eg...
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    Steel Beam Plasterboard Cladding - Do I need it?

    Hi Everyone I have a new steel beam in my kitchen that is totally contained in the kitchen ceiling / bedroom above floor space. Do I still have to double layer plasterboard clad the steel beam or is it acceptable to have just fire grade plasterboard on the kitchen ceiling? Thanks...