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    Can any experts tell me what make of toilet flush this is please

    The seal has definitely gone.. but am tempted to just replace the unit as its old and looks somewhat tired out Not sure which seal to get tho.. its defintely an ideal standard one.. I believe this is the replacement part SV89067
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    Can any experts tell me what make of toilet flush this is please

    Hi thanks for the reply - no markings on it. i shall start hunting around the ideal standard website for it
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    Can any experts tell me what make of toilet flush this is please

    Hi I need a new toilet flush and all the markings seem to have gone From these pictures can anyone tell me what make it is.. (its maybe 12/13 years old max) and twists to lock into the cage Thanks in advance
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    Sliding door lock replacement

    Hi Its aluminium - the lock is on the outside. It doesnt get opened that much but i really would like it to be locked on the inside and out.. Ideally a euro lock type. To me it looks like the outer lock plate is rivetted on so not sure how to replace it. The inner was screwed on but they...
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    Sliding door lock replacement

    Hi I have a sliding door lock - i think its made by Schlegel, it seems to be rivetted on. Ideally i want to replace the whole thing with something a bit more secure but if thats not an option does anyone know where i get a spare barrel / lock screws (they are missing) and a lever with arm ...
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    Removing one tile

    Ive had "some" success in the past using a hand held steam cleaner (floor mop thingy) to warm up the tile and soften the adhesive to make it easier to pry off.. As others have said dig out the grout and use a thin wallpaper scraper, (not a screwdriver) and if you have a steam cleaner with a...
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    Boarding a wall, any experience with Marmox or similar?

    Bit late but would it be cheaper (or even possible) to overboard first with 6mm plasterboard then mechanically fix a thinner marmox to the pboard. That would surely give the required strength?
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    Wedi/Marmox/Delta/Jackaboard Stockists near Leeds/Wakefield

    Does anyone know where any of these boards are stocked in the Leeds Wakefield or nearabouts. Or for that matter any other XPS foam boards. I can find them online but id like to actually be able to go collect them from a stockist. Thanks
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    Tape all layers when double plasterboarding

    Hi My rooms have been boarded with 2 layers of 12mm. When joining new plasterboard to this do i need to apply tape to each layer seperately or is tape needed only on the top most layer. The facing surface will eventually be half tiled and i dont know if need to allow for movement between the...
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    Sink shower try into the joists

    For your consideration - we have low profile shower trays like this at work, and they are a pain. They look good but the powerful showers quickly overwhelm them and before you know it water is flowing everywhere and flooding the block... Moral.. make sure your drainage is top notch and can...
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    Pipe clips for 10mm plastic (JG coiled)

    Appreciated - could not see the woods for the trees. My google powers are waning -- thanks for your help
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    Pipe clips for 10mm plastic (JG coiled)

    Just a quick one Does anyone know where i can purchase some pipe clips for JG coiled pipe. I don't seem to be able to find anything suitable. How do you normally clip these ? Thanks in advance.
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    Are there any brackets I can use for fixing pipes that run loose along floor

    Hi The pipework in my house is rattling like crazy; after taking a peek i can see that the pipes run the length of the room with no support at all. They run parallel to the beams so no holes or notches for them to sit in.. Are there any brackets/tips you can offer for me to secure these. I...
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    Where can I get a deck mounted hand shower hose drip tray from?

    Hi I'm looking at getting a deck mounted hand shower hose and need one a drip tray to catch any water that inevitably seeps through. The only ones I have seen are "Aqueaco" ; however these are £130 - can anyone suggest an equivalent unit at much lower cost, my internet searching has currently...
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    Problem with boiler

    Smythsamril - If your boiler pressure reads 0 and there is air in the radiators - its basically telling you the CH system (rads and pipes) are not full and need topping up with more water. For this discussion equate pressurising to filling with water. In essence :- 1) You need to fill the...
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    Seriously considering Biomass. Victorian Renovation

    Have you got more than one quote? You really should get a minimum of 3 ? Was the quote your showing the best quote of all?
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    Seriously considering Biomass. Victorian Renovation

    Firstly Im no expert on boilers but ive been on this site a while and to get valid responses to this question I suggest you post the quote breakdown. To give you any feedback on the quote - we need to understand "exactly" what you've been quoted for. You will only get asked questions such as...
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    Door Rail & Stile coming apart (how to fix)

    Thanks for all the tips guys - the top of the door is pretty solid so am not sure ill be able to spread the gap wider.. Ill buy some clamps tonight and see if can at least get the parts to rejoin.