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    How to close this

    How does this get closed? Before insulation goes in? My builder wants to just put Insulation in, surely that’s not right? thanks
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    Help with lateral movement

    Guys, My builder is expressing concerns with movement of the ridge beam. He has built according to engineer drawings, but it moves left to right. Engineer is ghosting me, any ideas? He says need corner brackets at each side to make triangle. Any suggestions on this. Sleepless nights.
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    Pre Heating DCW into Combi Boiler

    So looking at the manual for my Greenstar Heatslave II Oil Combi, it seems it can take pre heated water. Looking at the table, I guess it needs to be over 40C right?
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    High Integrity CU

    Hi All, Can anyone advise on a CU that will allow the following. 3 RCD's, each with at least 8 ways, was looking a dual row units, like the Hanger
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    Direct / Indirect Questions

    HELP!!!!!! I am trying to do some planning and trying to work out the best options for replacing my combi oil boiler. Would like to use more electricity than oil basically. I did look at HP and don't like the price. So was thinking a Indirect 300L cylinder with a couple of Immersion heaters...
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    Heat Pump Etc

    So, currently I have an oil combi heating my 4 bed cottage. We are looking at adding 2 more rooms, and 2 bathrooms, so need to change out the boiler. I have access to 6kw of very low cost electric, via a solar farm and store etc. So I was wondering about an air source heat pump? Any...
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    Scottish Permitted development

    I have been reading the guidance, and think I have it sorted, but can anyone confrim. Detached cottage, 8.6m by 6.1m. I want to add a 4m by 8.6m single story flat roof extension on the back. We are over 2m from any boundary. No neighboughs to overlook etc. Height will be 2.6m Would this...
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    Aluminium Drip ????

    Anyone have any idea where I can get this? See drawing below, he says aluminium drip between new timber frame and brickwork. I am not finding anything online, maybe using the wrong words, anyone know of this stuff and what it is called?
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    Fixing Timber to brickwork

    Hi All, So we are about to add a whole new floor to a bothie. Now the whole new build is wooden frame, so my question is how do you attached the bottom C16's to the top of the existing brickwork? Was thinking chemical fixings. What would the normal process be.
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    Switching a 3Kw Heater

    OK people, cross over electronics, and electrical here. I have a 3Kw immersion heater I am going to control with a a SONOFF smart controller. Now the SONOFF has a 240V output but limited current. So as I see it 2 options. Switch a 240C SSR that has a 20A switching capacity or greater Switch...
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    Pre Heated water into Oil Combi

    So with fuel prices going super high, I am looking at some options to save on oil use. I have a Worcester 12/18 Combi Oil boiler, feeding UF Heating system via an accumulator tank, and of course bathrooms for hot water. I have access to 7Kw of free Electric from a Solar Farm with storage, so...
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    Waterproof Site Supply

    Hi All, So I am going to take the roof off a cottage, and build a new floor. How do I protect the Cutout, meter, and CU that are mounted on the wall inside? I need to stay on supply as they feed garage. Maybe external box?
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    Texecom version 6

    Weird one, updated 2 of my systems today from cloud services website, both have changed language from English. Any ideas how to resolve?
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    Core Drilling a 900mm Stone wall

    Any advice on the best way to get a 110mm waste pipe through a 900mm deep stone wall? I have core drill, but never core drilled so deep before.
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    Can you guys check out this

    Looking at attached enigneers drawing, am I right in assuming they are asking basicly for a wood frame to be built on top the the exsisitng solid stone walls?
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    Removing Old Fireplaces,

    Stripped back an old Bothie, and found these. Any thoughts on removing?
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    Steel Beams into old stone cottage

    Looking at opening up a fairly large span in the back of a solid stone cottage. The walls are 900mm thick.... Would a padstone just be put on top of the existing stone, or would a new pier have to be built? Its a full length 8m or so. Can pop up a couple of drawings of the plan.
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    Little Advice for Permitted Development.

    Hi All, Long time no post, so I have got planning permission to convert a bothie into a 2 bedroom detached house. That is all good, and I am about to start work on this. Once this is done and signed off, I am looking at adding an single story extension under permitted development. (Long...
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    Solar PV Question

    Hi All, Anyone here have much experience with solar PV? I am in the process of buying a property in Portugal and plan to install a large PV system. I was trying to work out sizing of inverters etc. E.g. 8Kw etc... As far as I can see the KW rating is for the DC side and not the 240AC is...
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    Texecom Area Setup HELP

    Hi All, After some help please, I have a Tex 88 with Wintex for config, Smart Com etc. All working great, I have added a new Keypad, Door Sensor and PIR in my garage and set them all to Area B, everything else is set in Area A. Hope that is correct, so far. What I am trying to do is set it...