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    Can any experts tell me what make of toilet flush this is please

    Hi I need a new toilet flush and all the markings seem to have gone From these pictures can anyone tell me what make it is.. (its maybe 12/13 years old max) and twists to lock into the cage Thanks in advance
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    Sliding door lock replacement

    Hi I have a sliding door lock - i think its made by Schlegel, it seems to be rivetted on. Ideally i want to replace the whole thing with something a bit more secure but if thats not an option does anyone know where i get a spare barrel / lock screws (they are missing) and a lever with arm ...
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    Wedi/Marmox/Delta/Jackaboard Stockists near Leeds/Wakefield

    Does anyone know where any of these boards are stocked in the Leeds Wakefield or nearabouts. Or for that matter any other XPS foam boards. I can find them online but id like to actually be able to go collect them from a stockist. Thanks
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    Tape all layers when double plasterboarding

    Hi My rooms have been boarded with 2 layers of 12mm. When joining new plasterboard to this do i need to apply tape to each layer seperately or is tape needed only on the top most layer. The facing surface will eventually be half tiled and i dont know if need to allow for movement between the...
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    Pipe clips for 10mm plastic (JG coiled)

    Just a quick one Does anyone know where i can purchase some pipe clips for JG coiled pipe. I don't seem to be able to find anything suitable. How do you normally clip these ? Thanks in advance.
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    Are there any brackets I can use for fixing pipes that run loose along floor

    Hi The pipework in my house is rattling like crazy; after taking a peek i can see that the pipes run the length of the room with no support at all. They run parallel to the beams so no holes or notches for them to sit in.. Are there any brackets/tips you can offer for me to secure these. I...
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    Where can I get a deck mounted hand shower hose drip tray from?

    Hi I'm looking at getting a deck mounted hand shower hose and need one a drip tray to catch any water that inevitably seeps through. The only ones I have seen are "Aqueaco" ; however these are £130 - can anyone suggest an equivalent unit at much lower cost, my internet searching has currently...
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    Door Rail & Stile coming apart (how to fix)

    My Garage door - has begun to come apart. I have read on the internet that i can just use a clamp and glue it back together; but i am confused because there is absolutely no movement at all in the stile (vertical). Is this just a case of applying more clamping force or is it too far gone for a...
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    Paint or replace curved bath panel

    Hi, (sorry if this is not the correct forum to post this question) My partner hates our bath panel and "demands" a white one. I am in a dilemma having never touched a bath panel before I am not sure if its easier to paint the existing panel or rip it out and replace with a white one. I don't...
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    an anyone offer any advice with dealing with a bowed internal door?

    Can anyone offer any advice with dealing with a bowed internal door. The door hits the stops at the top and the bottom. Its like a longbow. I can move the stops if that is the only way. Hopefully the picture of the door with a straight edge will show the issue more clearly than words. Thanks
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    Looking for bath shower mixer with cradle thats not Victorian style

    Hi I am trying to purchase bath taps with an integrated mixer shower and a cradle as the area around the bath taps has no wall to hang the shower mixer. However all the ones with a cradle seem to be of the Victorian style. I am looking for something a bit more modern. Does anyone know of...
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    How to lower a heavy stone resin shower tray into position in tight space

    Simple question - can anyone recommend a technique for lowering a heavy stone resin shower base into position onto a bed of mortar. The tray is to fit inside a cubicle , boarded on 3 walls . The opening is ~810mm wide and the tray 800mm giving me little room for maneuver and weighing in at...
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    Aqualisa easy fit fixing bracket

    Hi I just got a new shower and it came with the easy fit bracket My issue is that I am planning on mounting it horizontally - but when i place the bracket in position on my...
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    loft converted - bathroom extractor/fan location help

    Hi I have recently moved into a bungalow which has previously (some years ago) had the loft converted. It is my intention to install an extractor fan into the bathroom upstairs but I am puzzled as to where to locate it as there is no space to run the extraction hose or place the fan...
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    Samsung Fridge/Freezer RS20CCMS Defrost Issue Help Please

    Hi My Samsung RS20CCMS Fridge/Freezer does not seem to be defrosting and is filling with ice in the defrost drain hole where the heater element sits. I have tested the defrost heater element for continuity via connecter (2) in the picture and get a reading of 460 ohms - is this correct...
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    Lighting circuit has no earth to *some* lights

    I have just bought a new house, the existing light (pendant) fittings in the hallway (x2) and living room (x1) were metal. I replaced the living room light fitting with a new metal one and saw no issues, T&E was used so obviously I earthed it. The first hallway light also had no issues...
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    Internal door wont shut - any ideas how to fix?

    Hi Can somebody offer me some advice for dealing with a internal door that wont close properly. When the door shuts the top of the door hits the stop whilst the bottom is ~5mm out (kicking into the room) - is the door has warped or badly fitted?. When the top of door hits the stop first...
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    New build is nine manholes and counting excessive?

    Hi I am in the process of buying a new build property and am rather concerned that on inspection of the house today I have discovered at least 9 manholes. There are 4 in the front garden; its a v front garden small. One is directly embedded in the path the other 3 are all spread over the...
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    Thermostatic Shower Filter Washers -- where do they go ??

    Hi I have just purchased a Aqualisa Midas 100 Bath shower thermostatic shower. In the box it has come with two rubber filter washers which i can find no reference to in the manual. Where do these go. I presume they go in the inlet(s) that allow the valve to be detatched for...
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    Changing bath taps that go direct to plastic hepworth

    Hi I am replacing my bath taps with a thermostatic mixer tap/shower and the current pipework is plastic hepworth. With reference to the pic attached .. once i remove the hot tap (shown) via the brass nut is it just a simple job of reconnecting the new tap and tightening the nut or will i...