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    Emissions Reduction Condition

    Some require some advice please One of the conditions for a renovation project have asked for a energy assessment which shows 10% emissions reduction. Please see attached condition. The Energy assement as come back recomending solar paneling (30 Panels) to acheive this reduction. Also been...
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    Green Belt Question

    Hi I have a friend who has horse stables within the defined green belt. Now this horse stable is situated end of a row of terraced houses. The stable is L shaped and is 11.3m by 9.2m. Please see attached site plan. The plans are to demolish the stables and construct a 2 storey house on the...
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    Moving router

    Require some advice please. House is all gutted and understairs i want to make a hub centre point for cctv dvr alarm panel and broadband router. I am doing the first fix throwing all the cables in. My question is i want to move the braoadband router from to outer wall to understairs hub what...
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    New Extension

    Hi I have a query regarding rear extension planning permission there is a existing rear extension about 3 meters. Planning submitted to extend further 4.5 meters from the original extension (Original extension classed as part of the house pre 1948) so total 7.5 meters. plans approved the...
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    Single dwelling into 2 flats

    My friend has had his application rejected to convert single dwelling into 2 flats. everything was going smoothly no objections, no issues, positive feedback until last minute the planning officer pulls out a paragraph from local core strategy guidance that this property is not within 250...
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    Lighting Sensor

    I have a outdoor lighting sensor max switching load of 2000w I wired up 5 wall lights (10 led bulbs at 7w each) Max load 70w via a outdoor 2 way 20a switch to a lighting sensor Details of wiring= 2way switch live in COM and all neutrals in a connector block...
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    Another LDC question

    require some knowledge please A builder asked me a question. A customer of his wants a rear dormer constructed no planning required but building control is required. Once dormer completed he will be issued with a completion certificate The customer says he wants a LDC certificate. Please can...
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    Another LDC question

    Require some knowledge please. Iv been asked a question by a builder, customer requires a rear dormer no planinning required but building control is required. Once the dormer is completed you are issued with a completion certificate but the customer says he wants a LDC certificate. Please can...
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    Code 2 or 3

    Im getting mix infor for my question I carried out a condition report for a rented property. No rcd protection to any circuits. 3871 breakers. Wiring over 20 years old. On the observations i have put down code c3 and satisfactory. I have been questioned by the council why my observation is c3...
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    fire doors question

    This site is brilliant for knowledge. Question: change of use from a public house to a single dwelling. No structural work just partitions to separare rooms are fire doors required?? Or will linked smoke alarms in all rooms suffice Thanku in advance
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    planning question

    Under the neighbour consultation scheme one of the criteria is 50% of the area if there is a front garden to the property is that included in the curtlidge??? Can you pros shed some light on this Thanks
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    change of use

    if a planning permission as been granted from a public house to a single residential dwelling would a building regs application be required? no major works just removal of fixtures and fitting change toilets to bathroom and a kitchen
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    hikvision dvr

    Some advice please. I have eight camera setup on wifi and remote. the way its set up i google my ip address and copy it in the browser and page opens for login details to access my dvr to configure. I have installed 4 camera and dvr on another job . all working on wifi. to set up remote i need...
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    Building Control Problem

    Need some urgent advice please I did some drawings for a dormer conversion. Now the owner appointed a incompetent contractor who carried out the work without informing the LA building control for the inspections (He was being paid on a daily rate). When the work was complete the owner...
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    wiring diagrams

    Please can someone guide me to a site wher i can aquire all the lighting circuit diagrams ie old school wiring, 2 way, 3 way etc Ther is a post in uk electrics under lighting circuit wiring diagrams but i cant open the images and that is exactly what im looking for Cheers
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    notice served

    Require some clarification please. i was asked this scenario. a homeowner had some unauthorised works carried out on his property ie room in a roof and external metal staircase to the rear of the property to the first floor. The homeowner ignored threats from building control and eventually a...
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    planning condition

    Hi needs some urgent advise regarding a planning condition. A friend of mine has had his permission granted of new shop front and shutters. one of the condition is ' Prior to the commencment of the development a sample of hereby approved a sample of the window frames shall be submitted and be...
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    hikvision cctv setup

    Hi Iv got a 8 channel hikvision hard drive. Everythin was working fine ie wifi coverage on tv and data coverage on my mobile. Now i can only view my camera coverage from wifi not on my mobile data. as far as i can remember i think i did somethin to my router and lost my mobile data coverage can...
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    planning consultant fees

    Hi im submitting a planning application for a large rear extension. The application is supported by a medical letter so going off the local design guide it will come under the exceptional circumstances rule. Iv asked a planning consultant to write me a strong supporting letter to carry some...
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    Honeywell st400c

    Hope iv posted this in the right forum I have a st9400c 2 channel timer but i want to use it as a 1 channel dhw control with a wireless cm927 as a heating control. It needs to be wired into a s plan wiring strip. Tried honeywell for some strange reason they are not taken any calls...