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    Crack under window

    Evening all, Just got home from a weekend away and found this at the corner of the front bedroom window. It's probably about 1/3 mm across. I can't see anything wrong on the outer wall and the window itself doesn't seem to be stiff or out of joint, BUT it looks like this has been painted over...
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    Cracks in stud wall above doorframe

    Morning all, A structural engineer will be taking a look at this in the new year, but if anyone has any thoughts, the more the better... Just noticed a diagnonal crack (less than 0.5mm thick) in the back bedroom, emanating from the corner of the doorframe on an internal wall. It must be new as...
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    Rot in purlin?

    Evening all, Just went up to the loft to get something and noticed the rear purlin looking a bit dodgy (see photo). It doesn't feel wet or soft / brittle but something ain't right. The thrown together structural work was there when we moved in (surveyor said it was "in a serviceable condition")...