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    Relaying old flags indoors

    Hi, I have uncovered a flagstone floor in my kitchen, from under various layers of concrete. I need to re-lay about 1/3 of the flags as they dip quite badly. It looks like soil and lime underneath, pretty damp too. Should I re-lay them on sand or should I be using a membrane. My concern is the...
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    Doors to small, can I decrease door frames/jams?

    Hi, I am doing up my house on a VERY small budget. I have bought some second hand pitch pine cottage doors complete with hinges and locks. All of them are too narrow for the 8 door frames I replacing doors in. Is there an easy way to add to the frames/jams without it looking too bodged? I'm...
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    Please help identify area in old flagstone floor

    Hello, I've uncovered a flagstone floor (2nd one) and I've come across an area that appears to be aggregate/concrete. I've removed the old floor screeds but this area is slightly higher than the flags and I can't make any impression on it at all. There is some kind of paint on top layer, and...
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    Rust removal from flagstones

    Hello and thanks for reading. Does anyone know a product which will remove the rust from a very old old internal flagstone. It's from where an earth rod rotted away? Pic attached. Many thanks for any help. Pat
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    Flagstone floor milling/grinding

    Hi, after uncovering a flagstone floor, which I want to keep, it needs milling/grinding, as quite uneven and damaged in places. It's had some repairs done in the past with what I'm assuming is resin as it's harder than the sandstone flags and is really hard like flint? It's almost impossible to...
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    what's this in a flag stone floor?

    Hi, today I began chiselling out the loose and damp areas in a very badly screeded floor. The more I chiselled the more came away. What I am wondering is if I could take it all off back to the original flags (house is about 1850) but after only removing a small are I can see there is quite a...
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    Tanking slurry

    I fear this may cause a bit of eye rolling, but my questions is...if using tanking slurry on a damp concrete floor, does it have to meet the edge of the wall? I ask because the I'm loathed to remove the fitted kitchen, and the area under the cupboards is dry. I know the key word is 'tanking', as...
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    Raising a patio...and chickens!

    Hi, I need to raise my patio (I have to hose it down often due to my new free range chickens) but the water slopes towards the house and the drain is higher than the slabs. What should I use to lay the slabs on after I have removed them to re-use. It needs to be raised about 2". Many thanks...
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    Kitchen spotlights

    I have recently moved to this house which has 8 spotlights in kitchen off one light switch. Some come on, thne go off and others come on. Never all 8 on at once, 4 at most stay on at one time? I'm told theyb run off a transformer and have 50w bulbs in. Can I change anything, or is a new set...