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    Capped pipes ID please

    Afternoon, Can anyone ID these 2 pipes please. Not in use - gas or water? I want to get rid of them, without flooding or blowing up the house. Thanks in advance!
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    Prep for tiling hearth - log burner

    Morning, I'm building a hearth for a log burner. Plan is to use bricks to build it up from the concrete subfloor. I need to level before tiling. Can I shutter it and pour a thin (say 5mm) layer of self levelling screed to give me a flat surface to tile from? My concern is heating might cause...
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    Damp stone wall / concrete infilled floor

    Hi all, I've just purchased a c1850's stone built cottage, with 1980's brick extension. There is extensive damp in the older stone part (low on walls, to 1ft up). No visible DPC. Although there are issues with guttering, high ground levels, stack etc. that I will fix, strangely the external...