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    3-position switches?

    Since my last posting to you there is now a another outside light to be fitted with a built-in PIR sensor. I have an isolator switch near the door which I'd use as an override as well. I'm not sure I'm Googling for the right thing, or understanding the MK Grid Plus options correctly, but...
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    Oil Tank Installation

    I wasn't sure whether to put this under "Building", but I figured I'd find more Oftec types here than over there. I have myself a Harlequin HZA1400 tank, and have a concrete base measuring 2400mm x 1700mm. It has 250-300mm of hardcore and a 100mm concrete topping. However, the tank needs...
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    Oil Tank Security

    This thread may not prompt just electronic solutions, but I figured this was the best section to post in. We've got ourselves a 1400 litre single-skin plastic tank, and we had originally planned to place it in a boarded/fenced enclosure alongside the driveway. However, with the rising cost...
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    Painting freshly skimmed walls/ceilings

    It's an old topic, I know, but I don't want to hijack anybody else's threads. I've recently had my whole house re-skimmed. Many of the outside walls and all the ceilings have been boarded prior to plastering. Once dry, our builder/plasterer has recommended to lightly run a dry cloth over...
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    Cooker hood wiring

    It's probably been asked a million times before, but it's early on a Sunday and I don't have time to trawl the forum for answers! I have a fused switch in the middle of my kitchen ring which will serve the cooker hood. 2.5mm² goes in and out of the switch, but what size cable can go to the...
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    Sky Eye / Magic Eye remote receiver

    Hello all I've seen these Sky Eye remote receivers in action with Sky/Sky+, but has anybody had them working with terrestrial digiboxes and PVRs - in particular the Humax 9200? And to you always need a coax to send the signal back, or are there similar products that use SCART or HDMI etc?
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    2.5mm² for a lighting circuit? (And why not in a ring??)

    Excuse me for being a bit dense, but there's no reason why I can't use a 2.5mm² T&E for my lighting circuits, is there? It's just that I don't want to crack open a new reel of 1.5mm² when I have a load of 2.5mm² leftover. I can take the unused 1.5mm² back to B&Q, but they might be a bit...
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    Wall chasing: Horizontal vs Vertical?

    Hello again all... ...and my apologies if this has been covered previously. I've recently bought a 1960s/70s bungalow in need of extreme renovation. Typical of the houses of that time, there is only a single 13A socket in each room, and the house is in need of a complete rewire. I have...
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    Run a combi boiler off-grid?

    I've seen a few older threads on similar subjects, but forgive me for starting a new one. My in-laws have recently moved to a rural area which seems to be prone to frequent power cuts. They are elderly and disabled, and on the EDF "Priority List", but this is of little comfort to them when...
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    Drylining over plastered walls.

    I'm about to undertake an extensive renovation on a 1960s bungalow. The interior walls are badly cracked, and we have had builders in to quote for cutting back and replastering them. The house is to be rewired, and new skirting boards are to be fitted, so this would also be an opportune time...