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    Strange dark, clammy patch on stripped internal wood doors.

    Hi, we have original but stripped wooden doors throught the house (Victorian) and on two there are patches about as big as your thumb that are dark and slightly tacky to the touch. The patches never seem to dry, although they don't seem to grow either. I'm worried it's some sort of rot...
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    Where to buy catch for old iron gate (to front garden path).

    I cannot for the life of me track one down that's the correct design; I thought it was pretty standard, but apparently not. Here's a crap drawing of what it should look like! The catch needs to project out from the wall opposite the hinges, and enable the gate to be opened in both...
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    Best way to cover a marble hearth?

    Hi, I've just moved in to a Victorian terrace, and have (tonight) taken out the repulsive gas fire from the dining-room. What's left is the rather nice (paintable) interior of the chimney, a paintable (plain) wood suround (and mantlle) and a repulsive (but probably expensive) black/speckled...
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    Can you buy spare plastic radiator valve covers?

    Just moved into a new house and there are quite a few white plastic radiator valve covers (the ones that allow you to turn then on and off) missing. I'm doing a ton of painting etc and the missing valves look untidy. Can you buy just the covers? I've been trying to look for them, but I...
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    Is it possible to put a hot water tank in the loft?

    Hi, I'm new! Please don't hurt me! We're just buying a new (much bigger) house, and the boiler looks like it needs upgrading. Also the hot water tak is in a cupboard of one of the small bedrooms. In our current (2.5 bedroom) house we had a combi boiler put in when we moved in and lost the...