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    Testing new Radiators for leaks prior to Boiler installation.

    Originally we had a back boiler which has been ripped out and a wood burning stove installed in its place. The system was full of black sludge. I have, Replaced all of the radiators with new including TRVs. Flushed out the copper pipes of the system prior to the connection of the new rads. The...
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    Anyone used these TRVs? They seem to be at the cheaper end of the market. Reliability?
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    Best replacement for Landis & Gyre RWB2 CH Programmer

    I have just moved into a house with a L&G RWB2 Programmer controlling a Glow-Worm Majorca 246 or 246'N' Combined Central Heating Boiler and Space Heater. With Gas Fire to the front. (C.1977). There is a Satchwell Thermostat in the hall, which as a cost saving we do not heat. There is a Hall...