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    Ravenheat fault

    Hi i am looking for some advice. Last week my boiler started playing up. The CH no longer works. The DHW works but it is scalding hot and will not turn down. The boiler is Ravenheat csi 85. Any guesses to what it could be? Thanks
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    power to shower

    I'm fitting an electric shower and wondered if there is a specific cable rating to run. I plan on running it down a stud wall, under the floor and down the kitchen wall into a fuse box. Is this correct? Any advice would be great.
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    replacing floorboards

    Hi everyone, first post here. Is it safe to replace my upstairs bathroom floorboards with cement board? I plan on tiling the floor. I want to avoid having a large drop to the carpet on the landing so would like not to lay cement board over the floorboards. Chris