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    Can I stain my grout?

    we chose what we thought was a great greyish grout colour to go with our White Porcelanosa tiles and it looks..........awful. Missus is really peeved. The bathroom is fully tiled and to re-grout is a) a nightmare job full of risk of damage to tiles and b) getting a competent person to actually...
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    Hanging a large heavy kitchen cupboard - spring toggle or baton

    Hi, I'm looking at fitting some kitchen cupboards in my utility room, but need some advice on hanging them. The property is a new build with those metal batons instead of wooden and the cupboard is a boiler cupboard, but with shelves. To put it into context I already have a boiler cupboard...
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    Bathroom Floor - hiding tile gaps where floor meets wall

    so I’ve just moved into a new build and had some ‘unatural flooring’ Fitted in our bathroom. The bathroom’s are fully tiled, but where the tiles meet the floor I’d estimate we’ve got up to 10mm jagged gap on a few of the...
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    Wiring centre not as per Y plan diagram

    I'm getting ready to fit a new 3rd generation Nest thermostat (and Heatlink). When I've looked at the wiring centre it doesn't look like any wiring diagram. There are no wires to positions 1,2,3,4 & 5. There are connections to positions 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 with permanent lives on 11 & 12. The issue...