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    subfloor for engineered flooring

    I'm going to fit a 15mm engineered oak floor (plywood backed) but my subfloor has some problems. Part is chipboard (approx 6m sq.) and the rest (approx 12m sq.) is concrete. The concrete has patches of bituminous residue and it isn't flat, so I am thinking of glueing some sheet plywood down...
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    duropal worktop, how to cut hole for sink?

    I need to cut a hole for my new sink, one person has said use a jigsaw and another has recommeded a router. The worktop is duropal (40mm chipboard). Fortunately I don't need to make any joins but I will have to affix some edging to two edges, I have ordered this from duropal but I'm not sure...
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    lay new flooring on top or rip up and start from scratch?

    Our new kitchen extension is near to completion but my OH and I are in disagreement about the floor. The original kitchen floor is very uneven concrete with fairly even parquet flooring on top which we laid many years ago soon after we moved in. It is basically sound with no loose tiles. The...