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    12v x 20 amp switch required

    Hi, I need a 12v 20a switch to fit into/on/through a 16mm wood panel. It is not possible to make the panel any thinner. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Mike
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    Sandtoft Greenwood pantiles price?

    I have lost about 20 pantiles in the recent storm. Previously I have replaced with Sandtoft Greenwood which were circa £2 but a google has just revealed they are now £6 each. Just wondering whether anyone is aware of a similar pattern for about half that? Mike
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    Plumbing GENIUS required

    Terry, You are quite correct, all I need is a standard shut off valve/lever valve but when I looked for them 2 years ago they all had steel parts. That is why I bought the all brass fire valves. I have a major aversion to fitting something designed to fail. Mike
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    Battery charging GENIUS?

    Hi, Advice please. The images are of a Cavalier battery charger on my boat, 12v 20 amp 3 outlets. Connected to a Sure Power Multi Battery Isolator Model 702, Max Alternator 70 amp DC 6 to 50v. Then my 3 110 amp (2 bank) lead acid starter batteries. You will see the Battery Isolator has 3...
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    Battery charging GENIUS?

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    Battery charging GENIUS?

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    Plumbing GENIUS required

    Thanks for replies, In fact I have 3 fire valves. One which I think you refer to as a capillary fitted 20 years ago when I installed the boiler, a sensor inside the boiler connected to a thin copper tube to a shut off valve (looks like an egg cup) outside the property and 2 of the £7 in line...
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    Plumbing GENIUS required

    Hi, I have a fused brass inline fire valve (oil boiler) located outside the house in Yorkshire on a North facing wall. When I turned the boiler on it filled the room with awful fumes and I discovered the fire valve has fused (closed itself), the solder around the valves spindle has melted...
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    Sewage treatment plant/digester

    I am needing to fit a new treatment plant and wonder whether we have any experts on here. I am particularly interested in learning about any non electric plants before I make my choice. I have a 1 acre paddock/wildlife area sloping gently away from the house and am planning to feed the cleaned...
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    Thread size genius required!

    A machine screw has just dropped out of my best Shimano fishing reel and I am hoping I can determine the thread size and buy a few replacements. My best measurements are 1.92mm MAX across the threads of the bolt. A 6mm/1/4 inch screw has 14 threads = 56 TPI Could it be M2 If not what...
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    Needing a short length of round tube

    I need less than 2 inches of preferably 316 stainless steel tube which needs to be 37.5mm to 38mm ID. I have considered a weld on nipple externally threaded but unfortunately these seem to be 39mm ID. A nipple with a thicker wall would be OK. Just hoping someone can suggest something...
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    Plastic sheds

    My old wooden has dry rot and is a write off, considering my options. I am wondering whether these new plastic sheds are suitable for erection in an exposed location. The strongest wind we have experienced was 111 mph and 13 panes blew out of the greenhouse, the broken glass was collected up...
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    Solar installation advice please

    Sorry, bit complicated. I am installing a 25 watt solar panel along with a 5 amp charge controller (PWM5) using 14 amp wire. Of course I am aware of the basics. Solar panel connects to the charge controller which in turn connects to the battery. The solar panel is for a sailing boat and will...
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    Radiators hot, cylinder cold

    Thanks Ian, I am 70 miles away from the problem but will open the bleed screw when I visit at the weekend. Will also check to see if ball valve seized/still operating in the loft. Mike
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    Radiators hot, cylinder cold

    Thanks again. Latching the valve does not seem to have worked. The valve is mounted with port AB horizontal and port A and port B in a vertical line. Port A is below and is providing CH. Port B is above and reduces from 22 to 15 then tees off. A vertical 15mm goes to a bleed and the other 15mm...
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    Radiators hot, cylinder cold

    Thanks for replies. The immersion heater is providing hot water and CH is working fine so not such an issue. As soon as they sort the house contents the house will be sold. The system was installed about 25 years ago and might have been serviced once in that time, compared to the gas fires in...
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    Radiators hot, cylinder cold

    The wife went away yesterday to clear out her mothers house (70 miles away) who died about 6 months ago, the house has been unoccupied for this period. She (the wife) called me at 5 this morning to say there is no hot water. She lived with her mother for 18 months prior to her mothers death so...
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    Welding stainless steel - welder required

    I have a couple of small projects on the go which require small amounts of stainless steel welding. I took one of my jobs to a local shop 5 weeks ago but it is not done yet. They are busy with big jobs and not interested in helping someone like me out with a £100 job. Although I have never done...
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    Sizes of wire rope clamps?

    Specifically I need these clamps to clamp M8 threaded rod onto a flat surface which more than likely will be 3mm stainless plate. I am making a Wind Vane Steering System for my sailing boat and the threaded rod will have a counterbalance (lump of lead) on it to return the wind vane to its...
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    Sizes of wire rope clamps?

    So what thread size would they be? Thanks Mike