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    Just a quick adhesive/grout question

    Hi, I plan to tile my shower next weekend and I am a little confused by which adhesive to use - I have a large format tile 300x600mm and the adhesive needs to be waterproof, I was looking at the dunlop range but dont know which one to get or indeed where to buy it from? The tiles are...
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    Hi Guys, I have just ripped out my lovely 1200mm shower tray due to leaking mosaic bricks, Im left with a thermalite shell, can you aquapanel directly onto the thermalite like traditional plasterboard? Thanks Any questions please let me know Andy
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    Quick slabbing question

    I currently have loads of crazy paving which i intend to dig out and lay a mixture of slabs and decorative chippings. The slabs are 450mm squared riven. I was planning to level of the soil and then lay the slabs on a wet mortar bed, i as just wandering how wet this bed should be and what...
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    Is this a reasonable price?

    Just had the final bill from the boiler installer £400 to install a ferolli f30b. Basically all the plumbing was within 1 metre of the boiler including gas pipes and eletric supply. He had to put the flue straight out, drill straight behind for the condense and safety overflow, and hang and...
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    My boiler and its hot water problems

    Hi, i have a 6 month old ferroli f30b. The problem is that its basically pot luck to get hot water from the boiler: the symptoms are as follows which again dont happen all the time and neither do they occur together: 1) the boiler will look as if its going to fire up for hot water even though...
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    Feroli f30b problem

    Guys my f30b is about 6 months old but its pot luck if you get hot water from it, sometimes you do, sometimes you dont. It doesnt matter if the heatings on or off but i have noticed that sometimes the hot water comes through but it doesnt swith the heating off (the tap light doesnt come on)...
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    Boiler installation

    my moms just had a boiler fitted by a corgi plumber, he says he only has to give her a receipt saying he fitted it, surely there must be some certificate? whats the general procedure? Thanks Andy
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    just installed an rf stat, a couple of questions

    High guys, just installed a salus rf thermostat/programmer to a ferroli f30b, which seems to work ok. Just a couple of quick questions which the manual is a little short on. Below is a link to the stat The unit has built in frost protection, do i...
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    ferroli f30b boiler question

    hi guys just moved into a house with a ferroliu f30b installed and have noticed that when the heating is on and you turn the cold tap on the heating goes into standby mode when the cold tap is turned off. Is this right? Cheers Andy
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    Velux widow leaking asvice please

    Hi guys, about 6 months ago i had 2 velux windows installed in a new extension, i have just moved in and i have noticed that one of them lets water in. If you can imagine the internal jamb, water seems to pool there and the run down the one corner of the frame, there is not alot of water and...
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    Can someone urgently re assure me please

    Hi, guys my dad and i fitted my kitchen on the weekend and cut the solid oak worktops and laid them on top of the units ready for oiling etc. Today the plumber was fitting a surestop stop tap and snapped the end off the stop tap. The result a spray of water over the unfinished worktop. I...
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    couple of quick questions

    Hi, im fitting my solid oak worktop this weekend and have been reading about a moisture barrier to go above washing machines and dishwashers, does anyone know where to get this and is it commonly used? Also i read that you hve to use a different screw to fix it down so it doesnt react with...
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    oiling a solid oak kitchen worktop

    Hi, guys i managed to sort out an oak worktop for my kitchen and have read conflicting info on the best oil to use on it. I just wandered what people around here would use/recommend. Thanks Andy
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    Front door fensa question

    Hi, guys i have a self employed window fitter who has fitted my windows in my new extension along with a back door. These are covered because the Building control inspector was involved with approving the extension. I have purchased a composite front door from B and Q and i was planning to...
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    At the kitchen place i used to work. The factory foreman was edging up some panels on an automatic edge bander and managed to get his finger caught in it. The machine then cut 3mm of the end, milled 2mm off, then applied boiling hot glue, then edging tape, then trimmed the edging tape around...
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    Wooden worktop question

    Hi guys, i am nearly ready to fit my new kitchen including a solid oak worktop which was provided with a square edge. Is is common practice to leave the top square edged, or to router the top and bottom edges or top only and if so what would be the most common profile used. Many Thanks Andy
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    Question about engineered wood flooring.

    Hi guys, i am at the stage now of choosing the floor coverings for downstairs, after much deliberation we have decided to go down the road of a laminate type floor or timber. As i dont like the fake printed look of laminate, we are looking to use either engineered or solid oak flooring. We...
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    paint problem on newly skimmed walls

    Hi, we just had the downstairs of our house boarded and skimmed. We were doing the kind of sealer coat (watered down emulsion) and we noticed there are runs in the plaster ie like something is spilt on it. It looks like coving glue or something like pva. Anyway the emulsion wont cover it - it...
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    question about outside pir light

    Hi, guys i have been trawling the web looking for a pir security light which you can switch between having on all the time and as a security light. For example if i was using the garden on the night i woul dlike to keep it on all the time, and then be able to switch it to security mode when i...
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    cellotex question

    Hi i am ready to fix cellotex to my roof rafters to complete a loft day room, the roof is felted and the tiles are about 6 years old so the roof is in good nick. the cellotex i have is 100mm thick i was thinking of cross battoning the rafters with 4 x2 and then fitting the cellotex in between...