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    Commercial Door Liners and Carpets

    Hello, looking for suggestions to do this job most simply. I will be fitting door liners in rooms which will eventually have carpet. Clearly door liners go to the floor, but commercially available liners are sized exactly to the door so they just skim the floor surface. So - I cannot fit...
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    How on earth do I actually fit a C100 Simulated Flashing?

    Hey Folks! I am about to fit a new fibreglass roof and i've got the whole sequence down except this one piece. I've fitted lead flashings before and understand how they go in, but I'm looking at these fibreglass replacements and i'm filled with trepidation. I'm hoping someone can put me out...
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    Warm Roof Not Possible Due to Low Windowsills -Help!

    Hi Folks, I have a peculiar issue. I have a flat roof over what is about to become a kitchen dining room. The roof is not in terrible shape - I would say in the normal state of things it had maybe 3-5 years left on its life, however, as we are renewing the kitchen we would like to put a roof...
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    Vaillant Horizontal Flue Leaking At joints

    Hey Folks! I have a thorny issue with a flue installed at the same time as a new ecotec boiler about a year ago. I noticed a couple of months ago that it was leaking from two of the connector joints connecting the extension pieces of the flue together. I called the original fitter - he came...
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    Help on building a little wall for the first time!

    Hi Folks! There's a first time for everything and this week my cherry poppin' activity is building a wall in my garden. I was hoping I could get some opinions on materials and method from you all before I plunge headlong into the new activity. I've uploaded a picture of the garden as...
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    Bathroom Fan Isolator inside a Fixed Bathroom Cupboard

    Hi Diynot-ers Long time lurker, first time poster here. Would really appreciate your thoughts on the following. I am installing an 240v ip45 fan extractor in zone 2 of my bathroom. (suitable for purpose) My question is regarding the isolator switch. Normally of course I would install...