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    Solar Generation Meter not displaying

    Hi Guys I hope someone can help We have an E110 generation meter that has lost its display , the inverter in the loft has power and a green light , and the meter itself also has power (i had an electrician come in and he confirmed this for me) We inherited the system in June and previous...
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    37 year old oil fired boiler

    Hi All Vague question i know but as were looking to buy a house i hope no question is a stupid one The house we like has an oil fired boiler (no mains gas available) that is original to the house , the house has from memory 10 radiators , some old fashioned where there is just one panel, some...
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    Consumer unit area

    Hi All We have viewed a house we are keen on and i was just hoping someone could give a opinion on the CU and wiring just going by this photo? The gubbins on the left is to do with the solar panels I believe its original wiring and the house was built in the mid 70`s The owner has done...
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    What is this guys ?

    Hi all Viewed a house today and under the sink the stopcock pipe runs into this open pipe ? Smells a bit too ? Any advice welcome as were keen on the house Thanks
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    Can someone help me locate a mixer bath tap?

    Hi Guys I have a mixer tap that needs replacing , but costs mean i cannot pull the bath off the wall and get to the whole tap mechanism to replace the whole unit (taps are against the back wall of a small bathroom) My plan is to buy a mixer tap that i can attach to the existing `legs` of the...
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    Help - Cant Close Window

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help ? Suddenly , we cant close our window , its hard to describe so i uploaded a video showing the problem , its only just started happening , and i cant see anywhere where the problem might be The hinges look the same as always , as in not slipped or something ...
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    Installing recess hung blind

    Hi I am putting up a vertical blind in the window recess in a bedroom , its top hung so i have drilled the 4 bracket spaces as instructed , using a 7mm masonary drill bit , the problem is , that the drill goes in normally for about half an inch , then punches through to a void , i am assuming...
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    Replacing a 3 way switch with a 1 way

    Hi When our bedroom is finished , we will only need a 1 way switch , which controls two wall lights , there was a 3 way which controlled some bed side lights , which are now removed , not sure what the 3rd switch controlled as from moving in , in never turned anything on How do i make safe...
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    Has my power socket got an earth on back plate?

    Hope someone can help In the picture , the top half will be plastered over (just old telephone connection we dont need) but the bottom half is a power socket, they are both on a double back plate , i.e they are one unit Because half of it will be covered , i want to be sure the bottom...
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    Drill bit to use for 3 core 0.75 power cable

    Hello I need to drill through my outside wall , into the house , to fit an outside light , my power cable is 3 core flex cable 3183y 0.75mm , i have a drill bit which is obviously very long , which i have used before to drill from in to out , but this drill bit would be far to big a hole for...
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    Wht is this hedge (total newbie to these things!)

    Hello What is this hedge ? , how do i get it , and is it very thirsty (as it will be planted fairly close to the house) Any tips welcome!
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    Glue/Adhesive for artifical grass

    Hi What sort of screwfix stocked adhesive can i get , to glue one edge of some artificial grass , down onto slabs? Thanks
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    Patio - 300mm rule ?

    Hi We have built a patio area , and now its done, i am worried about the 300mm rule , and although i dont `think` it applies i would welcome any thoughts , to put our mind at rest.. First picture is pre work , 2nd is after Any thoughts? Thanks Sam