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    Adding boiler stove to system?

    Hi I have an existing old gas boiler, pump, and vented cylinder. I am looking to feed in a small multifuel boiler to add heat to my 7 radiators to enable me to cut down on gas bill. The boiler I am looking at is a 7 kw to water (5kw to room). My existing total radiator capacity is 8kw, which...
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    Concrete by wall

    Not sure if this is classed as a disaster or not. but builders just finished building a wall but poured excess cement in the dug out hole and now I cant plant any plants in there. Would it be right I ask them to dig it out?
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    large notch in joist

    Plasterer wanted to screw down floorboards in bathroom and he cut a a large notch in joist to enable fitting of shower waste, as he wanted to do that too. I am guessing its ok otherwise he wouldnt have done it. Im a bit uncomfortable about the size of the notch. the joist is about 9 inches...
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    Marine or Exterior Ply ?

    People are recommending Marine ply for bathroom flooring, but when I have enquired about prices etc from national timber merchants they say that Exterior ply is fine, they said the only difference between exterior ply and marine ply is that marine ply is more resistant to salt, apart from that...
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    led downlights for bathroom

    I am thinking about purchasing some LED fire rated down-lights for a 4 metre x 2.4 metre bathroom (I shall get a leccy to put them in though lol). Would I be right in thinking that 3 x (equiv 50 halogen watt) downlights would suffice for this size of room... or 4 x equiv 35 halogen watt ones. I...
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    Border tiles thicker

    Hello. My border tiles are about 8mm thick, and the main tiles I wish to get have bevelled edges making them about 3mm thinner on the edges than the border tiles. Is there a way I could put thicker adhesive to allow the main tiles to ultimately become level with the border tiles, and then...
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    Plug for new basin

    Hello I have ordered a new basin that I like for the bathroom ... but has no chain hole (and I like the traditional chain and plug) . I was wondering if it were possible to use a connection to maybe the overflow whereby I could connect a chain and plug... or if I should change the order to...