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    Safe way of testing for hydrogen?

    I have a radiator which regularly needs bleeding and I’d like to check whether the gas coming out is hydrogen. Is there a safe way of doing this (i.e. that doesn’t involve setting fire to it)?
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    Zinsser Perma-White Peeling Off Woodwork

    I bought Zinsser Perma White because I needed to paint a flat in a hurry and it advertises that it’s for both walls and woodwork, and is self-priming so it can be painted over old gloss/semi-gloss paints without a separate primer, saving a coat. I properly prepped/cleaned/sanded the first door...
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    Accidentally used Dow 791 silicone in kitchen

    I applied silicone around my new kitchen tiles yesterday, and this morning I realised I had accidentally used Dow Corning 791 instead of 785 (i.e. a weatherproofing sealant instead of a sanitary sealant). Is this a disaster?
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    Dukka tape on Wedi board?

    I’ve got some Wedi backer board for tiling a kitchen Splashback, but I can’t get hold of Wedi Joint Reinforcement Tape as quickly as I’d like. I can get Dukka Waterproof Tape - I take it this would be a suitable alternative? Also, can I take straight over the tape without priming? Thanks
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    Zinsser primers - do I also need undercoat?

    Zinsser’s primers (BIN, 123 and Cover Stain) all say in their technical docs that they can be painted over with any water-based or solvent-based topcoat. But they never actually use the word “undercoat”; they only describe themselves as primers. I’ve already primed a new wooden door with...
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    Paint lifting off window frame (interior)

    We moved into a house a year ago with a lovely 100-year-old bay window. The paint on it was a few years old but otherwise it seemed in good condition. We had decorators in right away who, amongst other things, painted the window. Last night I noticed that substantial cracks have appeared in the...
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    Do I need to fully remove old paste before re-lining?

    I've just finished stripping an old plaster wall, and it's a real nightmare to get the final remnants of wallpaper paste off - it feels pretty smooth to the touch, but if I wet the wall with hot water and run a scraper over it, it picks up a small amount of gunk. However much I go over it, I...
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    Calk join between attached houses

    What is this vertical line of calk between two new-build attached houses - does it go all the way through between 2 separate walls? Can it tell me anything about how the dividing wall is constructed and whether it's likely to have good sound insulation? Thanks.
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    Noise from sink when toilet flushes

    My sink makes a noise when the toilet is flushed - see video below. The bathroom is newly installed. Any idea what's causing this? Is it likely to cause any damage and is there an easy fix?
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    Jet of water from top of rain shower

    My new bathroom has a Crosswater fixed shower head. When I turn it on a little jet of water shoots out of what looks like a screw hole above the head (picture attached). Any idea what this is?