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    Four Double Sockets on a 10A Radial.

    Any issues with this? Having done a quick google have read some say minimum MCB size for sockets on a radial should be 20A (some disagree). This is for a garage conversion into a kids play room. Total circuit is 22M of 2.5 T&E. Two sockets will be in an external wall and cables will run...
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    Floor insulation

    Looking for the best performance for minimum thickness. I'm looking to convert my garage into a habitable space. The floor in the garage is 85mm lower than in the house. Really struggling to find a solution that will avoid having to dig up the floor. Target u value for building regs is...
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    Cables in an insulated stud

    Is this ok to avoid having to derate the cables?
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    child lock on machine

    Could somebody tell me how to get the child lock switched off on my washing machine its a bosch washer dryer thank u
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    Water In Post Hole

    Hi, I'm in the process of building a timber deck in the back garden. Today I dug the post holes 700mm deep The problem is the top left hole keeps filling up with water (which is worrying as it hasn't rained here for two weeks) and in the other 3 holes on the left I hit pea shingle...
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    Candy CIC 324 AK Fridge Freezer

    Freezer seems to be working ok, fridge is too warm. I can't get it below 13 degrees. Tried defrosting the freezer but no joy. It's a single compressor unit which seems to be working ok (can here it running & it's hot. Anyone got any ideas? Any help greatly appreaceated.
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    Wiring Check

    Came home last night to tripped mcb on the appliance ring, washing machine, fridge freezer, dishwasher and cooker hood are fed from a grid switch. Grid switch is fed via its own ring from the CU with a 32A mcb 2.5 t&e in one end 2.5 t&e in the other end and then links to the middle switches...
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    Short Circuit Test On a Fridge Freezer

    Came home tonight to the 4 gang double pole switch that the kitchen appliances are wired through a burnt out mess. It's the dishwasher switch that has burnt out and at the moment I have left the dishwasher and washing machine disconnected, I need to get the fridge freezer re-connected though...