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    New install of Nest (3rd gen) with Greenstar 25i - Help - Not working

    Hi All, I finally got around to installing my Nest 3rd Gen, replacing a wireless digistat RF1. I also seem to have a double set of live/neutral wires and 3 for earth, I copied this exactly from the old system/wiring matching the numbers. There was that loose blue wire before unless it came up...
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    Advice needed - RF1 Thermostat to Nest

    Hi, I am considering a new Nest thermostat to replace my old Drayton RF1 to go with my Worcester 25i (this currently runs a really basic dip switch wheel timer). Will I be able to just put the Nest in place of the RF1? or is it more involved because of the manual timer on the boiler? If so...
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    Damp Proof Course and Tanking in a Basement!?

    I am currently looking at buying a basement flat (Victorian building) and have had a damp survey carried out. The survey suggests that horizontal/vertical DPC and tanking is required thoughout the majority of the property. I basically want to check if they have over quoted me! I have been...
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    Installing an Electrolux EHD60020P 4 Zone Induction Hob

    We have just bought an Electrolux EHD60020P 4 Zone Induction Hob. The manual recommends the use of a HO5BB-F cable which appears to be a Flexible Cable with Elastomer Rubber Sheath 90° C , 300/500 Volt. I have connected the Hob to the existing cable and the unit powers up, but only the...