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    cutting fibreglass roll length ways ?

    Hello I am looking to insulate a garage roof which has battens at approx 450mm I noticed bandq sell 200mm rolls of loft insulation for £20 but it's 1100mm wide there does appear to be a cut line on the packaging but is this a viable option and what's the best way to cut it I am a proper old...
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    insulated garage roof with no ventilation

    Hello has anyone insulated a flat garage roof with no air gap so felt wood 20cm of fibre wool vapour barrier plasterboard ? I am horribly confused I have insulated the floor all walls trying to turn my garage into a heated workshop so it will have a radiator providing heat most days. Everything...
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    Garage roof insulation ventilation

    Hello, I am about to insulate my flat garage roof, the plan was to leave a 50mm air gap, then 170mm of fibreglass roll or sheet, then dpc as a vapour barrier and then plaster board. However the joists are approx 30cm apart from eash other do I need to drill into the sofits of the garage, between...
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    DPC as a vapour barrier ?

    Hello, I have been insulating a single brick garage, stud work, semi pearmeable membrame 140mm of fibre glass wool and then a non peameable membrame. Everything has went well however the non pearmeable membrane I bought is plastic bag thick. I have managed to fall into it a couple of times, rip...
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    Vapour barrier internal wall

    Hello looking for some advice please, I am insulating an external garage into a games room. I have put u some studwork 75mm thick and the plan is external wall, semi permeable membrane, 75mm kingspan, non permeable membrane (vapour barrier), plasterboard. I have never bought a vapour barrier...
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    External garage insulated floor

    Hello I want to insulate my external garage to use as a games room it's roughly 4.5m squared I have a concrete slab which was laid on a dpm. The walls and ceiling are to be insulated for the floor I wanted to put down a water proof membrane on the slab followed by 100mm jab lite insulation...
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    Insulating a single brick wall without kingspan

    Hello i have a single brick build detached garage at the back of my garden i have put in stud work at 75mm width for the walls with the intention of using kingspan but its biblically expensive so i was wondering what else i could use theres a semi permable membrame facing the walls followed by...
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    Filling deep holes round electrical sockets

    Hello, I have had the kitchen sockets replaced (all part p marvellous) as part of installing a new kitchen. I have a double socket and a cooker point to tile round, fine no problem with that. However I have substantial holes around both, which would be impossible to cover with a tile without...
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    Double sockets how far apart ?

    Hello how far apart do double power sockets have to be ? I appear to have three together ie touching so essentially a row of 6 and someone has told me your can't have that before I push the panic button is that right and how far apart should they be ?
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    Garage internal wall advice needed

    Hello I have a 6m2 detached garage single brick three walls adjoined on the fourth and concrete slab for floor. Standard garage door at one end, and exterior door at the other I am in the process of converting the garage into an insulated office, so essentially having 1/3 as standard...
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    Insulating a concrete floor for an office floating or joists ?

    Hello I am converting part of my detached garage into an insulated office, it has a concrete floor, I have put a 1000 dpm on the slab, and have been told to use 100mm of insulation on the floor which is roughly 4m squared. I have then been advised to either use floating floor 100mm of...
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    Brass tap fittings sealing

    Hello I have been fitting a mixer shower behind our bathroom wall. It has 4 1/2" tap female connectors for the hot and cold inlets and the shower head and hand held show. I bought 1/2" male fittings with a 15mm compression head on the other sides for all 4. I installed the male to female with...
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    Studwork for 75mm insulation

    Hello this is a daft question and I think I'm going mad with advice however I am insulating an external garage single walled to use as on office it is attached to an adjacent garage up one wall assuming double brick I have been told 75mm kingspan for the walls sandwiched between semi permeable...
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    Garage wall insulation

    Hello I have a single bricked garage external to the house with a concrete floor. As far as insulating the walls. I have been told semi permeable membrane, celotex/kingspan 75mm boards, polythene sheet, plasterboard all in wood studding. Is this about right ?
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    Floating floor in garage

    Hello looking to insulate the garage to use in winter. I have a sealed concrete floor, I had assumed a damp proof membrane, celotex, polythene sheet then 22mm chip board flooring. I have been googling, and it looks like if I can use celotex insulation and negate the need for a damp proof...
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    Plaster round sockets

    Hello I have had new sockets put into my kitchen the holes behind the sockets were dug out by a previous owner in brick and are huge so I have sockets and their cables hanging in large holes I need to fill these what is the best thing to use ? I'm tiling over the walls but these holes are too...
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    Kitchen wiring help please

    Hello, I was about to tile our kitchen, however I have noticed some what I believe are dangerous practices with the wiring and wondered if someone could let me know if I need to disconnect. We have had the house 18 months and its been one issue after another. I had loosened the 2 2plug sockets...
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    Garage lights advice

    Hello I have 4x t8 single florescent strip lights in my garage which is approx. 5m square. The lighting is poor. I would like to replace, what I would really like is to use are 2x spotlight bars using LED bulbs which I have in the kitchen and are great, however I am not 100% sure how safe these...
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    loft roof insulation twist of fate

    We have moved into a house which used to have a flat concrete roof. This was changed to a pitched roof, and the whole loft space insulated with rock wool ie no joists. We are now in the process of moving all the shart from the garage into the loft. I believe I am right in saying if I lay boxes...
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    Respirator for rock wool

    Hello need to spend a good few hours in the loft it was a concrete flat roof with a pitched roof installed over it so has a thick layer of rock wool all over it we have moved house so I have a ton of boxes and the like to go up there know this stuff is nasty to breathe and skin irritant but I...