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    Request for Wireless Alarm Recommendation

    Hello Folks, I would be grateful for some help in choosing a wireless alarm system for a house. The property is a 3 storey townhouse with concrete floors and walls. I am trying to choose between Pyronix, Risco, Texecom and Visonic. I would like to install a control panels (that will be...
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    Keston C45 - Question Regarding Thermostat Setting

    Good Evening, I have a Keston C45 that supplies hot water to 2 zones. Zone 1 is Underfloor Heating and Zone 2 is domestic hot water. The front of the boiler has a control knob for each zone that allows the temperature to be set from off to about 75 celsius. Recently, when adjusting the...
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    Who Made These Windows - Where Can I Get New Rubber Gasket?

    I've tried just about every company in the local area but can't find the correct replacement gasket / seal. Can anyone identify the make of these windows?
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    Who Made These Windows - Where Can I Get New Rubber Gasket?

    Can anyone help me identify the manufacturer of these windows? This double glazing was fitted before I moved into the house & I think it is at least 5 years old. The rubber gasket / seal that prevents draughts has stiffened with age and no longer does its job. The gasket is 7mm in diameter...