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    unvented cylinders

    I want to use my combi boiler (which is miles away from taps) just for central heating and fit a direct unvented cylinder next to my kitchen for hot water. Is this a good idea or not. I don't quiet see how indirect cylinders work. I am a good mechanic but have never fitted one to a combi. any...
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    water heaters

    Witch heats water faster Indirect off boiler or direct off electricity? Any experts can help....Thanks
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    indirect or direct unvented water heater

    I have a pretty new combi boiler but it is too far away from out -lets (down in garage) takes ages for hot water to get though,no tank in combi. So can anyone tell me if I would be better off puting indirect unvented heater next to/off combi or fit direct heater in lobby next to kitchen...