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    Loose toilet seat

    One of the hinges on my toilet seat has become loose. This may sound simple, but I can't work out how to tighten it! The picture below shows the design of the toilet. I can't get my hand far enough around the back to reach the underside of the hinge, and I can't see a way to tighten it...
  2. J

    Refitting concealed door closer

    I removed a door with a concealed door closer while fitting a carpet. I've rehung the door, but cannot reattach the door closer plate to the door. Is there a trick to holding the spring while screwing the plate to the frame?
  3. J

    Drying out after leak

    The waste pipe from my bath has been leaking. I'd like some advice on the long-term damage this might have caused to the surroundings. The bathroom is ground-floor, so luckily there's nothing below to damage. The chipboard floor under the bath was very wet - could this have an effect on the...
  4. J

    Tongue & groove flooring - sanity check

    We've bought a load of tongue & groove wooden flooring from Homebase. Having got it all out of the packets to mix it up, we've discovered that some of the tongues appear to be backwards. To illustrate (the dark bit is the tongue)- Normal: Backwards: Obviously, these two bits of...
  5. J

    Sink fixing clips

    We're fitting a 2nd hand sink into a new worktop. Unfortunately, we've lost all but one of the fixing clips somewhere along the way. We've gone round all the local builders merchants, plumbing merchants, DIY sheds & wheelie bins, and can't find anyone who can get them. Does anyone have any...
  6. J

    Low hot water pressure

    My friend's flat has a hot water cylinder at floor level in an airing cupboard next to the bathroom. The water is heated by an immersion heater. Hot water pressure is adequate in the bathroom, but by the time the water reaches the kitchen the pressure is too low to be useful. What could be...
  7. J

    The benefits of thinking ahead

    This isn't really a disaster, but is a good advertisment for thinking ahead. I've been helping renovate a friend's late-60's flat. We've stripped off layer after layer of painted-on wallpaper (going through various style trends on the way), smoothed the walls off, lovingly given them 4 coats...
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    Isolation switches for kitchen appliances

    Is it a requirement to have accessable isolation switches for kitchen appliances (fridge/dishwasher/washing machine etc)? My friend's kitchen has just been recabled & plastered in preperation for a new kitchen. There are unswitched sockets in the appropriate places for appliances, but no...