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    How to tile over inspection chamber in Kitchen?

    I have a Hepworth 340 x 340mm inspection chamber in middle of kitchen floor and want to tile floor now. Can you get a replacement cover which you can put a floor tile into?
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    How to seal stone floor over underfloor heating?

    Have been warned that some sealing products react badly when used with underfloor heating. Any experience of this please? What is recommended?
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    Sealing travertine and limestone

    Recommendations please for product to seal travertine floor tiles. Have used Golv satin polish before as a sealer but wondered if this is the best product. Also laying a limestone floor - is this treated the same as travertine?? I want a really good satin/gloss finish. cheers
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    Underfloor heating zone valve stuck closed

    I've a underfloor wet system, ICC with about 7 zones. 2 are stuck closed so the return pipe to main control point is cold, but the outgoing pipe is hot. Have tried turning knob but no change. And by the way the floor is cold. Any suggestions please?
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    Green Oak Balcony with glass

    We are having a green oak balcony made for our barn. we want laminated glass panels used in the sides, attached with metal brackets, so there is a gap between wood and glass. Has anyone any experience of this? Our joiner is worried that with the wood movement the glass would break. He has...
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    Moaning noise from gas heating system

    Gas boiler and underfloor heating system. Just starting making a loud moaning noise which lasts 3 seconds every 20 mins when system running. Any suggestions please?
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    SMEG hob pan supports

    Just moved to new house with SMEG gas hob, pan supports are v dirty with burnt on fat etc. Have tried all sorts to clean without success. Do I need to buy replacements and who sells them?
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    Miele Washing machine leaving sludge on clothes

    Our 4 year old Miele leaves sludges marks on clothes. These wash off easily. The door seal has been replaced, drawer washed out, a 95 degree programme run and Miele engineer looked at machine. Worse on a full load - any suggestions :?